Check this FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Black Friday FUT Points deal

(Pocket-lint) – There are several deals available for FIFA 23 this Black Friday, including discounts on the game itself and bundles with controllers, but if you already have the latest FIFA you might be more interested in this deal for FIFA Points. Spendable on FIFA Ultimate Team packs and in-game items, FUT Points can actually work out fairly expensive when bought through the in-game store. But, for Black Friday, Amazon is offering deals across the PlayStation, Xbox and PC versions of the game.

You can get 2,800, 5,900, or a mammoth 12,000 FIFA Points for your respective console with 15 per cent of the usual cost. That works out even better than the in-game discounts you get with EA Play membership. Plus, if you hold onto your purchased Points until the EA’s own in-game Black Friday event, you will likely get packs for even less than usual – and/or special edition packs.


Here are a selection of the FIFA Points deals for FUT23:

2,800 FIFA Points for PS5 and PS4 - save GBP3.75

2,800 FIFA Points for PS5 and PS4 – save GBP3.75

The way that PlayStation sells FIFA Points, you are effectively buying a GBP25 PlayStation Store gift card with 15% off that you can then spend in FIFA 23 on 2,800 Points.

It works out an even better deal if you are an EA Play member, as you get that amount of points for just GBP17.99, leaving you with extra to spend on more points or something else on the PlayStaton Store. Was GBP24.99, now GBP21.24.

12,000 FIFA Points for PC - save GBP22

12,000 FIFA Points for PC – save GBP22

The biggest pack on offer gives you a mighty 12,000 FIFA Points. This one is for the PC version, redeemable on Origin.

Was GBP79.99, now just GBP67.99. The deals above are a sample for each format. You can also get the values for each of the consoles and PC.

Head to Amazon to check out the remaining deals. FIFA 23 is the best FIFA game in years, with the Qatar World Cup 2022 patch recently added to the game, allowing players to emulate their favourite nation’s journey through the tournament. Ultimate Team this year has also added a stack of World Cup content, with new themed cards, objectives and squad building challenges running through to the final itself.

Writing by Rik Henderson.