Ditch Those Dragging Download Speeds With $90 Off This TCL Mesh Wi-Fi System

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When was the last time you replaced your Wi-Fi router? If you’re not totally sure, then this Black Friday season might be the perfect time for an upgrade. CNET’s experts recommend upgrading every five years at minimum, and even more frequently if you like to stay up to date with the latest phones, laptops and smart home devices.

Right now’s a great time to buy, with B&H offering £90 off this TCL Linkhub AC1200 mesh router three-pack, dropping the price down to just £40. This deal is only available until midnight on Nov.


The TCL Linkhub AC1200 is a mesh router system, which means that it features multiple hubs that can extend wireless service over a large area much better than a simple extender. This system comes with three different modules, and any of them can be configured to be the main router, or a satellite hub used to extend coverage.

This system can provide coverage for an area of up to 4,300 square feet, so you can enjoy seamless streaming and low-latency online gaming in any corner of your home.

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It boasts impressive data transfer speeds of up to 1,167 megabits per second (that’s over 1Gbps) across both 2.4 and 5GHz wireless frequencies, though it uses the last-gen Wi-Fi 5 system, not the latest Wi-Fi 6. Nevertheless, it’s a terrific deal — a similarly specced Netgear system that we recommend will currently run you £200. The Linkhub can support up to 100 users at once, too, so it’s a great pick for offices or small businesses.

The smaller two-piece setup is also on sale for just £30 right now.

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