ECOWITT WS2910 Weather Stations, Wireless Outdoor Solar

ECOWITT WS2910 Weather Stations

ECOWITT WS2910 Weather Stations, Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered 7 in 1 Weather Station Sensor, WiFi Indoor Color LCD Display, Weather Alerts for Home Garden Farm 868 MHZ

  • 【Multi-Functional Weather Station】: Ecowitt WS2910 Weather Station includes a wireless 7-in-1 solar-powered outdoor sensor body and color LCD display console. The integrated outdoor weather sensor collects accurate weather data and transmits them to the display console. You can directly view the live data in the display console. Or you can view the live data on the Ecowitt / WS View Plus APP after Wi-Fi configuration.
  • 【7-in-1 Wireless Outdoor Sensor】WS2910 weather station equips with Thermo-hygrometer / Rain Gauge / Wind Speed Sensor/ Wind Direction Sensor / Light and UV sensor / Solar panel. Compared with the WN1900/1910 weather station, WS2910 not only can be powered by 2 pcs AA batteries(NOT included), but also can be powered by solar energy. Easy to mount. Wireless transmission distance is up to 100m/33ft. The sensor reporting interval is 16 seconds.
  • 【Color LCD Display Console】WS2910 color LCD console can display Time, Date, WiFi/RF icon, Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Rain Fall, Wind Speed/Direction, UV Index, Solar Radiation(Light), Moon Phase, Weather Forecast, MAX/MIN Daily, Wind Chill, Heat Index, Dew Point. High/Mid/Off three backlight ways alternative. Powered by 3 pcs AAA batteries (not included) or DC power adaptor.
  • 【Support Uploading to Internet】When finished with Wi-Fi configuration, the WS2910 console is capable of sending your sensor data to select internet-based weather services, such as Ecowitt Weather, Weather Underground, Weather Cloud, Weather Observation Website (WOW), or Customized Website(Supports uploading to your customized website, if the website has the same protocol with Wunderground or Ecowitt).
  • 【Connecting The Weather Station Console To Wi-Fi】In order to send weather data to these services, you need to connect the WS2910 console to the internet via Wi-Fi. The WS2910 user manual will guide you on how to finish the Wi-Fi configuration in detail.
Weight: 1.88 kg
Dimensions: 44 x 26.5 x 16.8 cm; 1.87 Kilograms
Model: WS2910_DE-N
Part: WS2910_DE-N
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: ECOWITT

Product Description

Ecowitt Weather Stationecowittsmart weather stationEcowitt weather station

Indoor Display Console with 8 Touch Buttons

Temperature range: -10°C – 60°C (14°F – 140°F), Temperature resolution: 0.1°C, or 0.1°F, Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%,Humidity resolution: 1%

Barometric pressure range: 700-1100hPa (20.67-32.5inHg), Barometric pressure accuracy: ± 3 hPa in 700 – 1,100 hPa range

Barometric pressure resolution 0.1 hPa (0.01 inHg). Alarm duration: 120 sec, Sensor reporting interval: 60s

Base station/console: 5V DC adaptor (included), Power Consumption: 0.5 Watts (1.25 Watts during Wi-Fi configuration mode)

Base station/console: 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

Outdoor sensor (backup) 2 x AA 1.5V LR6 Alkaline (not included), or 2 x AA 1.5V Lithium battery (not included)

Transmission distance 100 m (330 ft.), RF Frequency 868MHZ

Temperature range -40°C – 60°C (-40°F – 140°F)

Temperature accuracy ± 1°C, or ± 2°F

Temperature resolution 0.1°C, or 0.1°F

Humidity range 10% ~ 99% , Humidity accuracy ± 5%, Humidity resolution 1%

Rain volume display range 0 – 6000 mm, Rain volume accuracy ± 10%, Rain volume resolution 0.3 mm (for volume < 1,000 mm) 1 mm (for volume ≥ 1,000 mm), or 0.01 in (for volume < 100 in) 1 mm (for volume ≥ 100 in)

Wind speed range 0 – 50 m/s (0 ~ 100 mph)

Wind speed accuracy ± 1 m/s (speed < 5 m/s) ± 10% (speed ≥ 5 m/s), or ± 0.1 mph (speed < 11 mph) ± 10% (speed ≥ 11 mph)

UV-Index range 0 – 15, Light range 0 – 200 kLux, Light accuracy ± 15%