Get a 2019 Amazon Fire TV Cube for half price!

We tend to focus on new tech because it’s shiny and new and (usually) better. This is one of those times we’re going to recommend the opposite. Amazon has the ahead of Black Friday — a 50% discount over the list price. (And 57% less than you’d pay for the new 2022 model.)

Sure, you’ll miss out on the updated internals, including a newer processor and updated RAM. And you’ll also not get the HDMI-in port that allows for better direct control of a connected set-top box like from a cable or satellite company, or even a gaming console. and if you’re using a Samsung TV, you’ll miss out on the HDR 10+ support. But if you’re all about streaming, what you’ll get is essentially the same combination Fire TV/Amazon Echo, with the built-in microphone array for all the hands-free Alexa you could possibly want.

It still has all the streaming apps, and all the home-control services you could ever need. You still have direct access to all things Amazon. And now you’ll have it for a fraction of the price.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube placed on a counter next to a TV.

If this seems like a bit of a fire sale, it’s because that’s almost certainly true.

It’s a 2019 model, which is downright ancient by tech standards. (And that’s something you need to keep in mind if you’re buying.) But there’s no real reason why it shouldn’t last you a good long while. It’s running the same software as the new model — Fire TV OS 7, which is still based on Android 9. This model also lacks the 10/100 Ethernet port you’ll find in the new model, which also isn’t as fast as the latest and greatest Wi-Fi standard you’ll find in the new Fire TV Cube.

But then again, slower wired speeds probably aren’t a deal-breaker here. And if you really have to have Ethernet in the 2019 model, you can . This isn’t the latest and greatest Fire TV Cube, but it’s still really good, especially at that price.

Just don’t wait around too long — we have no idea how many Amazon has left.

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