Kerosene Heater Stove Portable, Instant Heat Indoor Kerosene

Kerosene Heater Stove Portable, Instant Heat Indoor Kerosene Heater Outdoor Heater with Oil Gauge and Rotatable Control Valve, Adjustable Height Firepower Oil Heaters for Home Indoor Outdoor Camping [Energy Class A+]

  • Multiple Modes Indoor Petroleum Stove Without Electricity – Updated kerosene heater, we added a glass burning table, which burns more fully and is safer to use;You can set many modes according to your needs: 1. You can adjust the height of the heater in the range of 34-46 adjust cm; 2. You can adjust the size of the flame; 3. You can choose heating cover mode and flame height size, heaters for all your indoor and outdoor needs, For safety reasons, please maintain reasonable ventilation when using this product
  • Mobile heater without electricity & cooker without electricity indoor – portable multifunctional petroleum heater-mobile heater without electricity is petroleum heater, camping heater for tents, camping stove without gas and electricity, cooker without electricity indoor and many more, the kerosene heater radiant heater can be used for heating, Boiling Water, Cooking And Grilling Can Be Used, You Can Control The Height Of The Heater, The Flame Size And 2 Modes Of The Heater Cover
  • Instant Heat and High Calorific Value – 360° ambient heating, instant heat, kerosene heater combustion efficiency is 99.8%, high calorific value and large heating area. The maximum calorific value is 7800 – 9800 kcal/h and the fuel consumption per hour is 0.25L. Up to 21H, Tank: 4.6L for up to 15-20m²
  • Indoor Kerosene Heater Energy Saving Quiet – Portable Kerosene Stove Heat without electricity, all you need is kerosene and you will have plenty of heat; Compared with electric heaters, kerosene stoves quickly heat up the temperature of the room without drying out the room, you can enjoy warmth without noise
  • Wide Range of Uses Petroleum Heater- The updated kerosene heater extends the stays outdoors and can be used indoors & outdoors, camping heating, garden, restaurant, beer garden, tent heating, greenhouse, emergency heating, balcony or on a covered patio when hurricanes, heavy rains and heavy snow is coming, don’t worry about power outages, you and your family can enjoy warm winters
Weight: 3.5 kg
Dimensions: 50 x 31 x 31 cm; 3.5 Kilograms

Product Description

Kerosene Heater Stove PortableKerosene Heater Stove PortableMultiple Modes Kerosene HeaterMultiple Modes Kerosene HeaterKerosene Heater Stove Portable


1. The heater may have a slight fuel smell when it is in use, and some black smoke will come out when it is turned on. This is normal, please don't worry.

2. The flame of the heater can be adjusted, but do not set it too small, otherwise the fuel will not burn completely. Not only will there be a fuel smell, but it will also damage the cotton wick.

3. As long as there is a smell of kerosene during use, it means that your firepower is too small and needs to be adjusted. Please do not use it overnight. First, there is a safety hazard with open flames. Second, the heater may be air-fired due to fuel combustion, and it will also be damaged.

4. Do not use this product in a closed environment (or use it for a period of time to ventilate).

5. When using this product for the first time, the wick can be ignited only after kerosene is added and the wick is soaked for 15 minutes