Modern politicians fantastically re-imagined in famous portrait paintings

(Pocket-lint) – We’ve covered some fantastic works of art in the past. With talented Photoshop artists using their skills to create some nifty pieces of modern art. Over at Design Crowd, there are a number of regular Photoshop contests, challenging people to come up with creative works of art on particular topics.

There have been all sorts, from animals in Renaissance paintings, to cartoon characters to movies recast with new actors.   This one is all about politicians. Whether you love or loathe politicians you’re bound to enjoy this collection of images where photos of the most well-known have been converted into painted portraits.


Hillary Clinton meets Mona Lisa

She might not have been the most popular of politicians, despite winning the popular vote in the 2016 elections, but there’s no denying that Hillary Clinton looks magnificent in this painting. 

The wonder of Leonardo da Vinci’s work has been reimagined with the likeness of the American politician. She’s no Mona Lisa but it’s still a cracking Photoshopping. 

Kim Jong-il meets The Son of Man

The Son of Man was a surrealist self-portrait painting by Rene Magritte originally crafted in 1964. The original image featured an apple hanging in front of the artist’s face and the hat still firmly on his head.

Now re-imagined, it features Kim Jong-Un with Apple in hand and hat lost to the wind. 

Angela Merkel meets The Girl with the Pearl Earring

Girl with a Pearl Earring was originally crafted back in 1665 and showed a beautiful, young European girl wearing an exotic dress and a large earring. Now it has been reworked to show a likeness of Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany. We actually thoroughly enjoy this one.

It’s both convincing and amusing. We wonder what Merkel would think of it. 

Dilma Vana Rousseff meets Princess Albert De Broglie

Dilma Rousseff used to be the President of Brazil before her impeachment in 2016. Here she is, seen as an alternative to the likeness of Princess Albert De Broglie, the wife of the Prime Minister of France in 1845. 

We feel that the updated version is actually a great improvement over the original image. Whether it’s a good tribute to either woman is entirely subjective. 

Donald Trump meets Young Boy with Whip

Well, this one is pretty special isn’t it? The original painting from 1840 showed a boy in a pink dress holding a whip.

A bit of an odd image on its own. Even more so when his likeness is replaced with that of Donald Trump. 

Francois Hollande meets Napoleon Bonaparte

Francois Hollande, the former President of France is seen here, reimagined in the regal glory of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Emperor of France and the great military leader from the time of the French Revolution. A fitting tribute?

We’re not sure. 

Clinton and Trump meet American Gothic

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton appear in Grant Wood’s iconic painting American Gothic. One certainly looks happier about it than the other. Another classic oil painting amusingly reimagined for all to enjoy. 

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Bill Clinton meets Prince Leopold

Many of the oil paintings of old feature a look and feel like this.

Important men of the time in full-blown military garb sporting a chest full of medals and posing for historic portraits. Here, the likeness of Prince Leopold has been replaced with that of Bill Clinton. 

David Cameron meets The Death of Marat

A dark, if somewhat poignant Photoshopping replaces the likeness of murdered French revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat with that of ex-Prime Minister David Cameron. He certainly murdered the future of our nation. 

Boris Johnson by Andy Warhol

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been reimagined with the pop art style of Andy Warhol. 

The Prime Minister usually looks a bit flustered and flappy and this painting only doubles down on that vibe in weird and wonderful ways. 

The Lost Supper

Instead of Jesus and his disciples, we see politicians of the world instead. All gathered around for the lost supper. Ex-US President Donald Trump is front and center as he always liked to be. 

Vladimir Putin meets Van Gogh

Vladimir Putin is perhaps one of the most well-known modern politicians you’re ever likely to see a photo of.

The President of Russia has held high office in the country for many years. Here he’s seen in simpler times thanks to an artist who has tweaked his image to fit perfectly with the work of Vincent Van Gogh.  We feel like the cheeky wink might not be a side of his character you’d normally see and that’s what really makes this image a winner. 

Putin in place of Thomas Eakins

There are a few visions of Putin in this list and somehow the Russian politician just seems to fit nicely into many of them with ease.  

Napoleon disguised as Kim

Kim Jong-Un perfectly suits the garb of Napolean.

So much so we can imagine him parading around wearing such an outfit in his downtime. 

Crossing the Alps

In May 1800 Napoleon crossed the Alps and rode into victory in Italy. The original inspiration for this image was painted in 1850 by Paul Delaroche. It was then reimagined for the Design Crowd competition with Trump riding the donkey instead. 

dmpei/Design Crowd
Politicians re-imagined in famous portrait paintings photo 18

Vladimir Crossing the Alps

This one seems pretty apt for Putin’s current invasion activities and sees him replacing the likeness of Napolean crossing the Alps. 

Bill Rembrant

We really like this one for how convincing it is.

The edit is so good it could almost be the real thing. Here Bill Clinton is seen in place of Rembrandt in his own self-portrait. 

Shot Kim Jong-Un

Another of Andy Warhol’s works transformed into something new. Now Kim Jong-Un is seen in place of Marilyn Monroe. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.