My Favorite Vitamin C Serum Is 50% Off for Black Friday

Topical vitamin C can do a lot of good things for your skin, including helping ward off toxins that can damage your skin over time. The antioxidant may also help even out your skin tone, making it a good addition to most people’s daily skin care routine, regardless of skin type

I’ve been on the vitamin C train for almost three years, experimenting with a few different drug store brands (which usually means products under £30). I’ve settled on Derma-E’s vitamin C concentrated serum, which has moisturized my skin and appears, at least, to make it a little softer and brighter.

A two-ounce bottle retails for £25, but right now it’s on sale at Ulta and Amazon for £12.50. Besides sunscreen, this serum is the only thing I use on my face in the morning. The moisturizing element that it brings is likely from the sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), one of the main ingredients.

As a bonus and a big reason I’ve stayed with the company: Derma-E says its vitamin C is vegan, and that it doesn’t test its products on animals. However, this product does have a fragrance (albeit a pleasant one), so if you’re someone who is very sensitive to fragrances, I’d look through the ingredients list before you buy. I think I have a very “average” skin sensitivity, and I’ve never had an issue with the fragrance. 

I can’t vouch for other products by Derma-E, but the company is running an early Black Friday deal on skin care for 30% off all products with the promo code VIP2022. It appears to be over by late Monday. It’s still cheaper to buy at Ulta or Amazon if you’re just looking for a bottle of vitamin C serum, but Derma-E sells other hair and skin care products that are worth perusing, if you or someone you know prefers to shop plant-based or sustainable for skin care. 

There are other vitamin C serums and products out there that top the list for best vitamin C products, but they’re typically more expensive (many are over £100). For now, I’m perfectly happy with this vitamin C serum that doesn’t break my bank and seems to be helping my skin stay healthy. Meanwhile, check out CNET’s Black Friday Deals liveblog for the latest in Black Friday bargains. 

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