Use This New Feature to Log Out of Your Netflix Account From Anywhere

Like many streaming services, Netflix’s catalog of shows and movies are available on your phone, tablet, TV or laptop anytime you’re craving entertainment. Even some hotels have smart TVs with Netflix ready for you to use. But do you always remember to log out of your Netflix account? 

It’s an important step to remember when you’re finished watching a program, but it’s easy to forget if you’re visiting friends or family and want everyone to watch your new favorite flick.

Not logging out of public or shared devices leaves your account vulnerable to freeloaders to stream content on your dollar.  If you forgot to log out of your Netflix account at that hotel or your friend’s house, don’t worry. On Tuesday, Netflix launched a new feature called Managing Access and Devices.

The new tool enables users to easily view recent devices that have streamed and log out of individual devices with just a click. Before this new addition, Netflix only offered the option to log out of all devices at once.

How to log out of Netflix everywhere on desktop and mobile

1. Open the Netflix app 2. Choose your profile (if there are multiple users on the account)

3. Click your profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen 4. Click Account  5. Click Manage Access and Devices

From there, you’ll be able to see any device with access to your Netflix account, as well as who recently watched something, when and where.

If anything looks unfamiliar or suspicious, you can click Sign Out to revoke access. 

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