Kim Wetzel

Lenovo Smart Display review

Research Center: Lenovo Smart Display
Up until recently, if you wanted a screen on your smart speaker, you bought one from Amazon. The Amazon Echo Show and the alarm-clock-like Echo Spot were the only games in town.
Now Google and the Google Assistan…

Echo Show hands-on review

Research Center: Echo Show
We had a feeling that Amazon would be releasing a new Echo Show soon. With competition from Google-powered boxes like Lenovo’s gorgeous Smart Display and JBL’s Linkview, which both feature better sound and display quality, …

AmazonBasics Microwave hands-on review

Research Center: AmazonBasics microwave
When we first heard rumors that Amazon might be introducing a microwave, we thought, huh, a microwave? You mean, like the kind in a kitchen that warms a Hot Pocket during hangovers? That’s weird.
Our initial su…

Amazon Echo Sub review

Research Center: Echo Sub
While it’s fair to say that Amazon Echo devices have dominated the smart home, they’ve always been lacking in the sound quality department — until this week.
On Thursday, Amazon announced a gaggle of new Echo devices to bump…