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FIFA 19 demo launches today with UK release time confirmed

Attention all FIFA fans now, as today is finally the day when you can get your first taste of FIFA 19. EA are launching the FIFA 19 demo on September 13 and now we have the confirmed time for when you can start downloading the demo from the store.

Spider-Man PS4 1.01 Day One update notes

Spider-Man is finally here, with the PS4 exclusive from Insomniac Games looking like it will deliver on the hype that fans have been creating in the build-up to launch.

Now we look ahead to post-release support for the game and specifically any Sp…

FIFA 19 Web App likely release date for trading

The FIFA 19 Web App is almost ready for release, with fans eagerly awaiting the early start from EA when they can start trading early before the game launches on September 28.

For those that want to know the schedule for when the FIFA 19 Web App i…

Spider-Man PS4 gameplay arrives early ahead of launch

Marvel’s Spider-Man doesn’t launch on PS4 until this Friday, September 7, but as per usual we have seen some early gameplay due to early releases and as expected – it is glorious.

Some lucky gamers have been able to get their hands on the game alm…