Tommee Tippee Baby Sleeping Bag for Newborns, The

The Original Grobag Swaddle Bag

Tommee Tippee Baby Sleeping Bag for Newborns, The Original Grobag Swaddle Bag, Hip-Healthy Design, Soft Cotton-Rich Fabric, 0-3m, 1.0 TOG, Blush

Just like when they were in mummy’s tummy, our Swaddlebag helps young babies to feel cosy and secure to improve the quality of their natural sleep. Wrapping or swaddling baby with their arms inside soft fabric helps mimic the closeness of the womb and suppresses the startle reflex which can wake babies up. With this easy-to-use Swaddlebag you can use the poppers on the armholes to either swaddle your baby with arms in for total snugness or arms out to allow them to stretch. For super comfortable arms-in swaddling with no complicated wrapping or fastenings, simply lay your baby onto the Swaddlebag and zip them in. 
Should your little one need changing during the night, there’s easy zip access to help you tackle those night-time nappy changes without disturbing baby too much. 
Safer sleep is better sleep and preventing babies from overheating is an important part of safer sleep. Our Swaddlebag is available in three different togs (warmth ratings) so that you can dress your baby safely for the room temperature:
2.5 Tog: suitable for use all year round and for room temperatures between 14-20°C
1.0 Tog: ideal for use in warmer months or in rooms with temperatures between 20-24°C
0.2 Tog: ideal for heatwaves, hot weather and very warm rooms with temperatures above 24°C.

Please refer to What to Wear guide to ensure you dress your baby in the correct clothing under our Swaddlebags.
Made from soft 100% cotton-rich, fluorescent-free fabric, our Swaddlebags are snuggly and kind on baby’s skin – perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep.
Our Swaddlebags have been designed to be snug up top and wriggly down below – slim fitting through the chest to enable full freedom of movement without restriction or excess bulk with a roomy, hip-healthy bottom to allow your baby to adopt a natural “frog-legged” sleeping position, which is important for correct hip development.
*from an independent study in April 2021 by MumsViews of 297 UK Mums, who currently use a Grobag

  • No complicated fastenings or wrapping: If you’d like to swaddle your baby with arms in, simply close the poppers; if they’re happier with arms out, just open the poppers and let them stretch
  • 85% of babies sleep better* in our Grobags: Baby sleeping bags help little ones regulate their temperature while sleeping by ensuring there are no loose blankets for them to kick off
  • Soft cotton-rich fabric: Made for comfort our Swaddlebag is designed using soft, 100% cotton-rich, fluorescent free fabric, perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep
  • Snugfit: Slim fitting through the chest, with a roomy, hip-healthy bottom to allow your baby to adopt a natural “frog-legged” sleeping position, which is important for correct hip development
  • Easy nappy changes: The easy zip opening is perfect for night-time nappy changes as you can keep baby cosy and warm up top but can unzip from the bottom for minimum disturbance
Weight: 165 g
Dimensions: 23.2 x 18.1 x 3.2 cm; 165 g
Model: 491522
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Composition: Outer 100% cotton, Lining 100% cotton
Quantity: 1

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