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The best MacBook Air cases

Macbook air on desk

Although it’s now a bit outdated, one of the main selling points of the MacBook Air is its svelte figure. If you’re going to be out and about and need to quickly sling your laptop into a larger bag without worrying about potential harm, then a case or sleeve is probably a wise investment.

That’s where our list of the best MacBook Air cases come into play. Whatever you need in terms of protection, style, function, or price tag, there’s something here for you. But also note that frequent travelers may prefer a dedicated laptop bag or (better yet) a TSA-approved laptop bag for their MacBook Air.

Inateck MacBook Sleeve ($9)

Inateck MacBook Sleeve

The appearance of this dull yet smart, padded sleeve won’t draw unwanted attention to your expensive MacBook Air. But on the inside it’s lined with a super-soft, fleece material that ensures the outside of your laptop doesn’t pick up any scratches. There are two zippers for easy access to the main compartment and an additional pocket on the outside with its own zipper that’s handy for stowing accessories and cables. The smooth, woven design — reminiscent of modern backpack chic — and the modest price tag make this a tough choice to overlook. The available colors are Black and Neoprene.

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Incipio Feather Case ($44)

Incipio Feather Case

For a minimalist veneer of protection, the Feather case from Incipio cannot be beat. These snug, snap-on cases are extremely light and thin, providing a protective layer to your MacBook Air that will prevent dings and scratches from showing up on that pristine aluminum. The case even provides openings for the ports and vents, so it doesn’t get in the way of normal laptop usage. As for looks, Incipio’s Feather range is translucent, allowing the Apple logo to shine through four color selections: Frost, Black, Blue or Pink. Finally, rubber feet provide a little extra protection and grip for surfaces. Simply put, you won’t find anything thinner than this unless you go for adhesive skins.

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Amazon Jet

Kasper Maison Italian Leather Laptop Sleeve ($130)

best macbook air cases covers sleeves 9148r10lacl sl1500

If genuine leather is your cup of tea, this thin envelope-style sleeve is designed in Sweden and made from natural Italian full grain cowhide leather. According to the company, it will feel stiff at first until the leather loosens and shapes perfectly to your MacBook Air. This sleeve includes a built-in card slot for business and/or credit cards, a backside pocket for a paper notebook or documents, and a “smart” cord holder for storing cables or earphones. The sleeve even includes a small opening, so you can charge the MacBook Air while it’s still stored inside. It’s available in Black, Dark Brown, British Tan and Medium Brown colors.

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Twelve South BookBook Rutledge Case ($62)

Twelve South BookBook Rutledge Case

Disguise your MacBook Air as an old hardbound leather book with this clever case. It’s tough, with reinforced corners, but is nonetheless lightweight and has a soft, padded, microfiber interior with elastic straps at the top to hold your MacBook Air in place. The distressed leather finish is designed to look like a weathered tome, complete with a ridged spine that says Book Book near the top and Vol XII at the bottom. There are two zippers with weathered leather tags hanging off them, making them easy to find and pull. You can get a slimmer version with a rounded spine for a bit less, but we think this one looks better.

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GMYLE Matte Plastic Scratch Guard Cover ($7)

best macbook air cases covers sleeves color cover

If you need a little color in your life, GMYLE provides six options for its matte plastic scratch guard cover. Made out of translucent polycarbonate, it simply snaps onto the lid and backside of your MacBook Air to ward off potential scratches on that beautiful aluminum exterior. The Apple logo shines through too so everyone knows you’re still on the same fruity team. Cutouts along the edges on the bottom portion provide access to your power, USB and audio ports. Your color options include Navy Blue, Orange, Aqua Green, Metallic Violet, Crystal Aqua Blue, and a version with a Baby Pink and Serenity Blue gradient. Want to get crazy? Buy two and mix your colors!

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Pack & Smooch MacBook Air Case ($70)

best macbook air cases covers sleeves pack and smooch cover

The Pack & Smooch has nothing to do with puckering up for a big kiss. Instead, this MacBook Air case is a beautiful option made with premium materials that would be unique to most laptop bags. Every case is handmade in Germany and utilizes merino wool felt and naturally dyed leather — no chemical treatment here. Aside from a padded laptop sleeve, the offering houses an exterior pocket with room for a phone or an iPad Mini, the latter in case you like to double down on Apple electronics. It’s available in Dark Grey and Dark Brown.

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Mosiso PU Leather Book Folio ($18)

The Mosiso PU Leather Book Folio is one of the more affordable, professional MacBook Air covers on the market. The top and bottom of the Book Folio are padded for an added layer of durability and shock absorption. Unlike many standard sleeve options, all of the MacBook Air ports are accessible along the side of the unit at all times. A small stand along the bottom of the unit extends to allow for a more comfortable and ergonomic position during use.

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AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve ($1o)

Amazon Basics Case

If you blew your whole budget on the MacBook Air itself, then you’ll be glad to know there’s no need to break the bank for a basic sleeve (the 11.6-inch version is even cheaper at less than $10). This Amazon offering is the best trade-off between price and quality, a no-frills sleeve based on soft, stretchy neoprene with a single zipper along the top to provide a decent level of padding. But you’ll find that there’s room spare with the MacBook Air, as the sleeve is not a snug fit for Apple’s thin-and-light notebook. There’s also no strap or handle, so you’ll need a separate bag. Still, this sleeve is well worth a look for the money.

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STM Dux Rugged Case ($60)

STM Dux Rugged Case

STM‘s Dux Rugged case provides a safe choice for even the most accident-prone MacBook Air owner. The rubberized polycarbonate brackets protect the sides and corners of your laptop from damage due to falling while the texturized rubber feet on the bottom prevent the computer from sliding on slick surfaces. If you have any stickers or customizations on your MacBook Air, they’ll definitely shine through with this case. It’s currently available in Black, Chili, or Moroccan Blue.

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Thule Gauntlet 3.0 MacBook Air Envelope ($50)

Thule Gauntlet 3.0 13" MacBook Air Envelope

This Thule Gauntlet 3.0 is a great quality reinforced envelope for your MacBook Air. The semi-rigid exterior and rounded, padded edges safeguard your device from scratches as well as the inevitable jolt. Unlike traditional sleeves, the clamshell design allows you to use your MacBook Air while it’s stowed inside. At just 14 ounces, this unit adds plenty of protection without adding unnecessary bulk to your svelte MacBook Air while stowed in your backpack or luggage.

Amazon THULE

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