2PCS Silicone Grease for O-Rings,Silicone Grease

2PCS Silicone Grease for O-Rings

2PCS Silicone Grease for O-Rings,Silicone Grease Plumbing,Waterproof Silicone O-Ring Lubricant,Heat and Cold Resistance Silicone Grease,Multifunctional Plumbers Valve Silicone Grease

Silicone grease for o-rings is a versatile product that can be used for various household purposes. Silicone grease plumbing has no corrosive effect on metal and non-metal materials and food grade grease can withstand high and low temperatures.Waterproof silicone o-ring lubricant is ideal for lubricating aquarium filter tanks/carbon dioxide, and other equipment. The compact size of multi purpose grease makes it easy to carry and store.

1. This heat and cold resistance silicone grease has good lubrication.
2. This multifunctional plumbers valve silicone grease has very good temperature resistance.
3. This high temperature grease has excellent sealing and waterproof.
4. This brake pad grease has a wide range of applications.

Package Included:
2PCS * Silicone Grease for O-Rings

  • 【Long-lasting Performance】Silicone grease for o-rings ensure your machinery stays well-maintained and properly lubricated even in extreme temperature conditions ranging from -50 to 230 degrees with our silicone grease for o-rings.
  • 【Safe and Odorless】Silicone grease plumbing is odorless and safe to use,food grade grease has no corrosive effect on contact with metal and non-metal materials.Waterproof silicone o-ring lubricant is safe to use for various applications, and heat and cold resistance silicone grease has no unpleasant smell.
  • 【Good Smoothness】Whether you need to lubricate your o-rings in hot or cold environments, this multifunctional plumbers valve silicone grease can handle it.Plumbers silicone grease works well from -50 to 230 degrees,silicone grease lubricant has wide range of applications.Bearing grease also minimizes friction and ensures smooth operation.
  • 【Travel-friendly Solution】Thanks to the easy-to-carry design of cycle grease, take this brake grease with you wherever you go.Keep your equipment, vehicles, and plumbing running smoothly with this small-sized and lightweight option,anti seize grease effectively lubricates and seals O rings.Don't leave home without this wheel bearing grease!
  • 【Widely Applications】This car grease works great, both for lubrication and sealing.This grease lubricant is suitable for a wide range of applications, whether it's toilet gaskets, seals, torches, or other household products.The temperature resistance of this waterproof grease allows this waterproof grease to be used in both hot and cold weather.
Weight: 26.4 g
Dimensions: 9.5 x 5.5 x 2 cm; 26.4 g
Part: RHAD
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: BigyQiu
Reference: RHAD
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