Walmart’s Black Friday PS5 Bundle Drops Today. Here’s How to Get It

The PS5 remains at the top of many holiday wish lists. It’s not as impossible to get as it was during the 2020 and 2021 Christmas shopping seasons, but you have to know where to look. And today, that means Walmart.

As part of the third wave of its early Black Friday deals, the megaretailer has the console bundled with the PlayStation exclusive God of War: Ragnarok game. It’s available in two flavors: the high-end (with Blu-ray) version for £559, and the “digital” version of the PS5 (which is identical except for its lack of a Blu-ray drive) for £459. 

To be clear, both bundles offer only a £10 savings from purchasing the game and the console separately, but the win here is getting the PS5 along with the latest, greatest exclusive game included with your purchase.  Here’s the catch: The first batch of PS5s becomes available today at noon EST (9 a.m.

PT), but only for Walmart Plus members. At 7 p.m. ET, they’ll be available to everyone.

That said, given the wider audience of the second batch, it’s likely to sell out far faster than the first.

How to get a PS5 at Walmart

So, is it worth joining a membership program just to jump the line for a PS5? Arguably yes — and here’s why. You can subscribe to the month-to-month version of the Walmart plan — basically its version of Amazon Prime — for just £13 per month.

In addition to giving you early access to the PS5 and other early shopping perks at Walmart today, it also entitles you to free express delivery from your local Walmart (including groceries), a free Paramount Plus streaming membership and reduced gas prices when filling up at Walmart’s pumps. (Read our full review of Walmart Plus.) While signing up for Walmart Plus does not guarantee to you a PS5 — today, or any day in the future — it’s only £13. Watch a few Paramount shows and get a few free deliveries, and you’ve more than made your money back, even if you decide to cancel it in a month or two. (Note that Walmart Plus does offer a free trial, but that version isn’t eligible for early access deals.)

Any other PS5 purchase options? 

You can reserve the PS5 at Amazon, which effectively puts you on a waiting list. Here’s how.

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