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PicoBricks – Raspberry Pi Pico Based Maker&Educational

PicoBricks – Raspberry Pi Pico Based Maker&Educational Development Platform – Zero to Hero Ki

Make. Run. Split. Merge. Pico Bricks is a fantastic project development kit for STEM educators and makers of all levels. Pico Bricks is an electronic development board which is designed for use in maker projects. With 10 detachable modules included, Pico Bricks can be used to create a wide variety of projects. It also includes a protoboard that you can use to add your own modules! Support Development Environment For All Levels Pico Bricks is for everyone interested in electronics and coding. Beginners with no prior experience will find it easy to get started thanks to the modular hardware design, Scratch-like block coding environment, and simulator. Those with experience can dig more deeply into electronics or explore coding in Python. And even the most expert makers will appreciate how quickly they can explore ideas and create prototypes with Pico Bricks. Pico Bricks Modules Are Detachable Once you’ve explored the Pico Bricks modules, you may want to use some of them in a project. Although Pico Bricks is compact, there’s no need to build the entire thing into your project. By detaching the Pico Bricks modules, you can connect just the modules you need using cables with standard, easy-to-use Grove connectors. After dividing the Pico Bricks into modules, you can easily reassemble them again on the specially designed base plate.

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Dimensions: 28 x 17 x 12 cm; 1.1 Kilograms
Manufacture: Robotistan