Amazon Prime benefits that few know about and that you are not … 836e1869ecf89df0dada965208ef6419 Sun, 26 Mar 2023 20:07:02 BST <![CDATA[ Update March 26, 2023: We’ve updated the article with what’s new on Amazon Music for members. Amazon leads the world of e-commerce with its impossible deals and deep discounts.

It seems strange that someone does not buy something on Amazon, at least once a month. One of Amazon’s best features is their Amazon Prime subscription.. With Amazon Prime you have the vast majority of products available with free shipping and also priority shipping so that it reaches you as soon as possible.

It is the benefit for which everyone signs up, but there is much more.

Sign up for the Amazon Prime trial month

Amazon offers a trial month of its Prime service completely free of charge. You can continue once the trial is over or sign up freely. Sign up for free

Amazon Prime is much more than free shipping and fast delivery. If you have a distribution center nearby, you can surely take advantage of free next-day shipping. Even on the same day if you order soon.

But Amazon Prime is a subscription service that gives you much more than just fast and free shipping. It gives you a lot more and these are functions that many people may not be aware of. If you want to get the most out of your Prime subscription, this will be of great interest to you.

Amazon Music is free and with music in HD

Amazon Music

One of Amazon’s big surprises in 2022 was making Amazon Music Unlimited completely free for all Prime customers.

That’s right, Amazon’s music streaming service is no longer paid for Prime users, but is integrated into the subscription. What’s better is knowing that Amazon Music Unlimited supports HD music in Dolby Atmos/360 Reality Audio. Amazon Music has more than 100 million songs without ads and with a great catalog of podcasts that doesn’t stop growing.

Priority access to Flash Deals

amazon package


Flash Deals are one of the most interesting sections of Amazon and that many people don’t know about. These are products with great discounts that will only be on sale for a few hours or for a day. This Amazon Spain page has offers that are activated throughout the day, but only Amazon Prime users have priority access 30 minutes before its start.

The rest of the users will arrive later, with less possibilities of getting a bargain.

Amazon Prime Video is free

Amazon Prime VideoTry Amazon Prime Video for free

Try Amazon Prime Video for free

You can now try Amazon Prime Video for free for a month and with no commitment to stay. On this platform you can watch series like American Gods, Hanna and Jack Ryan, as well as hundreds of movies exclusively. try it free Amazon Prime Video is one of the largest streaming platforms in the world and it comes totally free with your Prime account.

It doesn’t matter if you are a monthly subscriber or pay annually, you have access to thousands of movies, series and documentaries. Besides, Prime Video supports 4K video and the quality does not limit you because you do not or pay separately. Amazon users who are not Prime can contract Prime Video independently for 9.99 euros per month.

Amazon Photos: save your photos and videos for free

amazon photos

Amazon – Getty Images

If you were annoyed that Google Photos started charging for uploading photos and videos in their original resolution, surely you have the best free alternative in Amazon Photos. With Amazon Photos you can save unlimited photos you have on your mobile or on your computer. You can organize them by date, albums or even by people.

In this way you can save all your photos and free up a lot of space on your mobile. Regardless you have Amazon Drive, which offers 5GB of storage for files.

If you like to play you have to try Prime Gaming

Person playing on a gaming PC with RGB keyboard and mouse

Axville / Unsplash With Amazon Prime you get Prime Gaming for free.

This service is very useful if you like to play because you will not only have access to loot for games and some free games that you can download on your PC. If you are a regular Twitch user, you will know that with your Prime account you can subscribe to channels for free, supporting the creator of your choice.


]]> article Amazon Prime benefits that few know about and that you are not taking advantage of – Gearrice Update March 26, 2023: We’ve updated the article with what’s new on Amazon Music for members. en-US text/html Loyalty Programs Evolve Beyond Discounts | Franchise … acf31bc98d47fa2614429a7c01eb3872 Mon, 27 Mar 2023 14:07:02 BST <![CDATA[Loyalty-programs-1500px.jpg Mo’ Bettahs created a new loyalty program with data collection in mind.

With customer data becoming paramount to a restaurant’s success, several brands are updating their loyalty programs to capture critical information. It’s been a main focus for Zach Goldstein, founder and CEO of Thanx, which specializes in building such programs. Most recently, Thanx helped fast casual Hawaiian brand Mo’ Bettahs launch its new loyalty program, with the data goal in mind.

“The general problem we see is that most brands are lacking in customer data and therefore, it’s difficult for them to deliver personalized marketing,” Goldstein said. “We have seen massive growth in launching and upgrading loyalty programs because of that.” The process to do so, Goldstein said, includes fixing problems with loyalty programs from the past, one of them being the level of user participation. “There are a lot of programs that have people scanning codes, checking in with their number or any number of things,” Goldstein said. “Some customers are willing, but most are not, and you end up capturing only a small portion of your customers.”


Kelsey Vincelette, Salata’s senior director of marketing, says incentives are helping grow the brand’s loyalty user base.

Other issues, according to Goldstein, include the focus on discount rewards and the lack of cohesion between loyalty programs and online ordering. “Many restaurants run a loyalty program, but the digital ordering experience is not well integrated,” Goldstein said. “Brands that have embraced digital ordering are able to massively grow their loyalty program, but those have to be interwoven.” Thanx did just that at Mo’ Bettahs, making loyalty participation easier with rewards awarded automatically when customers used digital ordering.

The program also offers non-discount rewards such as passes to skip lines and access hidden menus. Rob Ertmann, CEO of Mo’ Bettahs, said the timing for a new program was right, as the 40-unit brand is also in a period of growth. “We’re trying to get into new markets and we were really looking at the loyalty program,” Ertmann said. “We said, we need to have a way to better connect and engage with our customers.”

The new program, Ertmann said, has created a seamless experience, with customers able to receive offers with efficiency. As time goes on, Ertmann said the program will continue to evolve. “We’ve just kicked it off, so we’re looking at how we can find creative ways to add new loyalty tiers potentially,” Ertmann said. “At the end of the day, the beauty is the data, and utilizing that data to find creative ways to engage with the customers and get them to come back.

The measure of success is going to be how big our database gets.” Ever-evolving systems Another restaurant brand working with a partner for its loyalty program is Goodcents.

The Kansas-based sub sandwich concept worked with Punchh to launch its new program in February. It’s the latest in a line of upgrades Goodcents has implemented since it first launched loyalty seven years ago. Like Mo’ Bettahs, Goodcents’ new program is centered on data, and how it can be applied to repeat customers.

“It’s a more effective way to communicate with customers,” said Jami Bond, vice president of franchise development. “For example, when we wanted to tell people that we were having kids meals, a message would go out to everyone. Now it just goes out to the people who have kids.” As for rewards, Bond said Goodcents is utilizing discounts while also pushing for more online ordering.

“Guest checks are higher online, and we know that’s because pictures sell, and the computer doesn’t forget to upsell,” Bond said. “We don’t want to have the most generous program out there, but we also don’t want the least generous. We’re right in that sweet spot, getting a return for our franchisees, but also doing the right thing by our guests.” For some brands, getting rewards to the customer quickly has been the most effective strategy.

Ninety-unit salad concept Salata, for example, has had success with its loyalty program, launched in 2019, by offering rewards from the start. “I think the biggest thing is providing an incentivizing offer where they get rewarded right away,” said Kelsey Vincelette, Salata senior director of marketing. “The guest earns 85 points right away when they sign up and get points after their first order, so they automatically get a reward. I think when they see that, it encourages them to come back and get another salad sale.”

According to Vincelette, in 2022 the incentive helped grow loyalty program membership by 26 percent.

]]> article Restaurant Loyalty Programs Evolve Beyond Discounts All about enticing customers to return and capturing their data in the process, loyalty programs can give restaurant operators an edge when effectively executed. That means integration with the digital en text/html Auto Reminders Are Enabling Timely Bill Payments for … 44d9f61496d0b8b2448a26d9b2abdbae Mon, 27 Mar 2023 11:07:02 BST <![CDATA[ Digitisation has transformed payments for end-consumers, and today, businesses are looking for a similar alternative to streamline their operations and improve their cash flow management.

One of the ways to do this is via an all-inclusive platform that provides automation for Bill Payments. This extends several advantages to B2B companies, such as reducing late payments, availing early payment discounts, and better cash flow management. Automated Bill pay products with auto-reminders are specifically designed to help businesses manage their accounts payable processes more efficiently.

They allow businesses to schedule payments in advance and receive reminders before the due date, which ensures that payments are made on time. A report by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in 2020 found that the problem of delayed payments had worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the auto reminder feature of bill payment product, businesses can now stay on top of their payments.

This also decreases the chances of missing upcoming bills and incurring late fees, aiding businesses to save money. In addition to this, businesses can also avail of discounts on early payments, further ensuring incentives to avert delays in payments. EnKash’s ‘Bill Pay’ product, for instance, provides an auto reminder feature that helps businesses to reduce man-hours by almost 90%, increase in process efficiency by almost 100% and an enhancement of organizational savings by 30%.

According to a report by Intuit, over 60% of small businesses struggle with cash flow management, which can lead to missed opportunities and slow growth. Through automated bill pay products businesses can improve their cash flow management, by scheduling payments in advance and receiving reminders, businesses can ensure that they have enough funds available to cover their bills. This can be particularly helpful for small businesses that have limited cash flow.

Bill pay products with auto-reminders can also help businesses reduce their administrative workload. By automating the payment process, businesses can save time and resources that would have been spent manually tracking due dates and making payments. According to a survey by Deloitte, over 60% of businesses plan to automate their accounts payable processes in the next two years.

This trend shows the growing importance of automation in the B2B sector. Furthermore, bill pay products with auto-reminders can help businesses reduce their risk of fraud. By automating the payment process, businesses can eliminate the need for paper checks and reduce the risk of fraudulent activities.

In conclusion, automated bill pay products with auto reminders feature, a host of advantages are provided to B2B companies.

This enables the businesses to streamline their operations and ensure better cashflow management, eventually leading to their growth.

]]> article How Auto Reminders Are Enabling Timely Bill Payments for Businesses – Express Computer Digitisation has transformed payments for end-consumers, and today, businesses are looking for a similar alternative to streamline their operations and improve their cash flow management. en-US text/html

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