How to access free app offers on the Google Play Store

Knabbing a hot deal or a promotion feels exceptionally rewarding as a customer. However, we sometimes forget about software deals altogether. But if you’re an avid Android user, Google has discounts and promotions tucked away for games and apps within the Google Play Store’s new Offers tab.

The Offers tab lists delicious sales on apps, games, in-app items, movies, and books — including some freebies cataloged at £0.00. You can snag anything even if you don’t own a premium Android phone, tablet, or smartwatch — as long as you can access the store, these apps are yours for the taking, which is why we will walk you through how to grab the latest offers on the Play Store with just a few taps.


How to access and redeem offers in the Google Play Store

Thanks to Google embedding the Offers tab directly in the Google Play Store, finding deals on apps, movies, books, and games is a breeze. Below we’ve outlined the steps to snatch up some great discounts, including free offers.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  2. Navigate to the bottom toolbar, and tap the Offers option.
  3. Scroll down to Games on sale and tap on a listed offer to begin installing.
    Screenshot of the Offers tab in the Google Play Store app

    Screenshot of claiming a free game within the Offers tab in the Google Play Store app

You can browse through each section for other offers; all discounts remain valid while listed in the Offers tab.

Otherwise, keep note of the expiration date. Discounts for apps, games, movies, and books become applied during checkout.

Don’t miss out on the Google Play Store’s best bargain deals

We all love getting our hands on cheap and free stuff. Google has surprises for all, whether it’s a new book for your tablet bedtime reading or a new game to take your Razor Kishi controller for a spin.

So next time you’re in the Play Store, take a few minutes to browse the Offers tab selection; you never know what you may find lying around.