Philips Replacement Shaver Blades for Series 1000 + 3000

Philips Replacement Shaver Blades for Series 1000 + 3000 Electric Shavers - SH30/5

Philips Replacement Shaver Blades for Series 1000 + 3000 Electric Shavers – SH30/5

Philips SH30/50 Shaver Series 3000 Replacement Shaving Head has three dynamic parts that move independently, flexing outward, pivoting around and tilting inward to follow the natural contours of your face. Philips heads let you shave any way you want. The Aquatec seal gives you the option of either a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with shaving cream or gel. The replacement shaving unit is equipped with the patented Super Lift and Cut System which is designed to give you a close and comfortable shave as the first blade lifts while the second blade cuts comfortably below skin level. The latest Philips shavers have an inbuilt replacement reminder in the form of a shaving unit symbol. This symbol will light up and indicate when to replace the shaving heads.

  • Replace your shaver head every 2 years to reset your shaver and get a close, comfortable clean shave again
  • Easy to replace with simple how-to-guide
  • Compatible with Shaver Series 1000 (S1xxx) and Shaver series 3000 (S3xxx)
  • Includes three blades for one complete refresh
  • The latest Philips shavers have an inbuilt replacement reminder in the form of a shaving unit symbol
SKU: B01B1742HM
Weight: 200 Grams
Origin: Netherlands
Volume: 0.02

From the manufacturer

Reset your shaver to new. Philips Replacement Blades for Series 1000/3000 Electric Shavers – SH30/50Replacement Reminder

MultiPrecision Blades

Get a fast close shaver time after time. The blades are specifically designed to give a close, fast shave while reducing nicks & cuts. With NEW dual-blade technology, one blade lifts & guides the hair, while the other comfortable cuts for a really smooth shave.

Replacement Reminder

Your Philips Series 1000/3000 comes with an inbuilt replacement reminder, shown by the symbol above. When the symbol illuminates we recommend you replace your blades for the best performance.

How to Reset the Reminder

After replacing the shaving heads, you can reset the replacement reminder by pressing the on/off button for more than 7 seconds. Otherwise, the replacement trigger will turn off automatically after 9 successive shaves.

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