COLD FIGHTING 360w Far Infrared Electric Panel Heater

COLD FIGHTING 360w Far Infrared Electric Panel Heater

COLD FIGHTING 360w Far Infrared Electric Panel Heater, Square Wall Mounted/Ceiling Mounted/Free Standing, Eco Energy Efficient, White Standard Electric Radiators Frost, Safety Overheating Protectio

  • Infrared Electric Heater – 360W size 23.4*23.4 in, Heatable range 4-6 m². Heating element: Far infrared carbon crystal. All models have had their plugs changed to the regular British standard, so please feel free to use them. The heating range receives environmental influences, so the range is large. Without remote control.
  • Space Saving – Our infrared heat panels take very limited space when mounted. Its wall bracket design is convenient for you to install on the wall or ceiling. You can virtually put this heater anywhere for use as supplementary or spot heating.
  • Energy Efficient – Infrared flat heater are a healthy form of heating, because the radiant heat creates no air circulation. Also fitted with quick heat up and slow cool down metal heating element.
  • Safety Protection – Advanced overheat protection makes this heater safe, let you enjoy this heater anywhere in the home, including as a bathroom heater. This heater has a safety thermal cut-off, so it doesn't overheat.
  • Quiet and Comfortable – Up to 360 watts clean high heating power heats objects directly with no convection losses. The electrical energy used is converted directly into clean heat. No noise, condensation or CO2 released.
Weight: 3.66 kg
Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 5 cm; 3.66 Kilograms
Brand: Coldfighting
Colour: Dic-360w-square
Colour: Dic-360w-square

Product Description

Infrared Electric Panel HeaterWall Mounted/Ceiling Mounted/ Free StandingWhite Standard Electric Radiators FrostWhite Standard Electric Radiators Frost

Would you like a comfortable warmth within your own four walls? Do you want to achieve this quickly, efficiently and also in the most comfortable way? Then the COLD FIGHTING infrared heating is the perfect solution for you! You can purchase the visually appealing wall heater in 4 different strengths. Due to the flexible application possibilities, rooms up to a size of 19 square meters can be quickly brought to the desired temperature.

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Heating Range 6-8 M² 3-5 M² 5-7 M² 8-10 M² 13-16 M²
Size 23.4 x 39.5 in 19.8 x 23.4 in 19.8 x 35.6 in 23.4 x 47 in 39.5 x 47 in