Dettol Antibacterial Mould Spray and Mildew Remover, Removes

Dettol Antibacterial Mould Spray and Mildew Remover

Dettol Antibacterial Mould Spray and Mildew Remover, Removes Ingrained Mould Stains from Walls, Tiles & Windows, Pack of 6, Total 4.5L

Mould and mildew are types of fungi which can thrive in humid, damp areas around your home including bathrooms, kitchens and garages. Household mould is not only unsightly; in some cases it can cause allergic reactions or infections. Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover Spray is specially formulated with a powerful bleach to easily remove even ingrained mould and mildew. It kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses. Protect your home from harmful bacterial with Dettol.

  • POWERFUL CLEANING – Dettol Mould and Mildew spray is specially formulated with a powerful bleach to easily remove even ingrained mould and mildew
  • KILLS 99.9 Percent OF BACTERIA and VIRUSES – protect your home from harmful bacteria with Dettol
  • MULTI SURFACE – suitable for ceramic tiles and grout, chrome and stainless steel, formic and plastics, ceramic basins and toilets, acrylic bath tubs and showers – including shower curtains and screens. Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover Spray will break down mould and mildew so you can easily scrub it away.
  • EASY TO USE – Convenient spray format, simply turn nozzle to the ON position, and spray directly onto the surface that you wish to clean
  • Contains active bleach to easily remove mould and mildewean
Brand: Dettol
Origin: Poland
Volume: 4500 Millilitres

From the manufacturer


Get Some Air

Mould and mildew love warm damp environments so keep your bathroom well ventilated. Use an extractor fan after a bath or shower and try to keep the door open when the bathroom isn’t in use.

Wash the Soft Stuff

Clean shower curtains regularly with a suitable disinfectant product or launder according to manufacturer’s instructions. Launder and replace towels regularly and hang them up somewhere to dry after use. Remember, don’t leave them on the bathroom floor.

Clean the Hard Surfaces

Regularly clean and disinfect tiled walls, shower doors and other hard surfaces where moisture is likely to collect. It’s also a good idea to use a dry cloth or squeegee to remove excess water.

Routine Cleaning

Once you’ve got rid of mould and mildew, you don’t want them back. So remember to clean and disinfect areas regularly, keep your bathroom well ventilated and dry, and if necessary instal an electric de-humidifier to prevent the conditions mould and mildew love.

Kills bacteria
Kills viruses
Contains active bleach
Surface cleaning
Specialist cleaning Multi-purpose Multi-purpose Multi-purpose Tough grease and residue Tough grease and residue Active oxygen (chemical free)
Specialist target area Around the home Around the home Around the home Kitchen and bathroom Hard and tiled floors Kitchen and bathroom
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