130PC Air Fryer Liners, FEEZOM Ninja Air Fryer Liners

FEEZOM Ninja Air Fryer Liners for Ninja Air Fryer Dual

130PC Air Fryer Liners, FEEZOM Ninja Air Fryer Liners for Ninja Air Fryer Dual, Disposable Air Fryer Accessories Paper Liners for Ninja AF300UK AF400UK, Salter, Tower and Other Dual Zone Air Frye

  • 130PC Air Fryer Liners: The dimensions of our air fryer liners are 22cmx14cmx4.5cm, specifically designed for the Ninja Dual Zone AF300UK/AF400UK and compatible with EMtronics EMDAF9LD/EMDAF9LD+, Instant Vortex Plus, Salter EK4548, Tower17088, and more. With 130PC, these liners meet your long-term needs and save your investment, making them an essential accessory for your air fryer.
  • Keep Your Air Fryer Clean: Our liners feature a non-perforated and high-edge design that effectively prevents grease splatters, keeping your air fryer clean. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning the fryer basket repeatedly and avoid the need for hot water cleaning of the air fryer's insulation layer. They are indispensable accessories for Ninja/EMtronics/Instant Vortex/Tower air fryers.
  • Premium Quality Materials: Our air fryer liners are made from 100% food-grade pulp with a non-stick coating, offering non-stick, waterproof, oil-resistant, and excellent heat resistance properties. They are both healthy and environmentally friendly. Equipped with a silicone brush, they make it easy to apply seasonings. Perfect for cooking various foods while preserving their original flavors.
  • Heat Resistant and Easy to Use: Our air fryer liners can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232℃). No tearing, cutting, or folding required. Compared to reusable silicone liners for air fryers, our paper liners are more convenient and efficient. Note: Sufficient food should be placed on the liner to prevent it from flying up and coming into contact with the heating element. Do not preheat the liner alone.
  • Versatile Applications: Our air fryer liners can be used in microwaves, ovens, air fryers, and steamers. They are suitable for cooking a variety of foods, such as steaks, fries, fish, chicken, cakes, and more. They are particularly ideal for baking, camping, barbecues, summer parties, and other occasions. With 130PC, you have plenty of liners to meet your long-lasting needs.
Weight: 380 g
Dimensions: 27 x 23 x 6.5 cm; 380 Grams

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