Forging Art Bcn Hand Forged Eternal Wrought Iron Rose

Forging Art Bcn Hand Forged Eternal Wrought Iron Rose (Red/Green)

  • Give an original gift to the person you love.
  • Gift for any special moment or celebration, especially for wedding anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day.
  • Flower: High quality red paint. Stem: Green paint. Weight: 4.75 oz. Height: 7.9 in.
  • The rose is delivered in a cardboard box properly protected with wood shavings and bubble wrap on the flower.
  • Visit our Store and discover other models and colours.

Product Description

handforged rose, craft, eternal rose, beautiful rose, wedding anniversary present, eternal presentWrought iron roses, hand forged. Two colourseternal gifts, personalized gift, beautiful rose, eternal rosesgift for bride, groom, wedding anniversary, anniversary flowers

Your loved one

If you have a loved one in your life, tell them with a Rose that lasts forever. Capture your love in a unique and special object.

Your Mum

For your mother. Celebrate Mother's Day or simply surprise her with a hand-forged Iron Rose.

Weddings and Anniversaries

Add a touch of elegance to the wedding. Ideal gift for the groom's mother or for the bridesmaids.

Special gift

The element that provides a special touch of decoration. A lasting rose that means a lot to the person who receives it.

 Wrought iron rose mix collection. CraftWrought iron rose. Chameleon collectionGolden, silver or bronze eternal rose. Anniversary collectionOutdoor Resistant Forged Rose
Hand forged
Color Red/Green, Red/Black, Red/Silver Cyan/Purple, Red/Blue Gold, Silver, Bronze Black, Grey, Brown
Size and weight 7.9 in / 4.76 oz 7.9 in / 4.76 oz 7.9 in / 4.76 oz 7.9 in / 4.76 oz
Main material Wrought iron Wrought iron Wrought iron Wrought iron
Finish Flower: Antiox metallic layer. + antioxidant red varnish layer. Stem Green: Antiox green paint layer. + antiox varnish layer. Stem Black: Antiox black paint layer. + antiox varnish layer. Silver Stem: Antiox black layer. + silver chrome Antioxidant black layer + Iridescent paint + Antioxidant varnish layer Anti-rust black layer + gold, silver or bronze chrome layer Black, gray or brown wrought iron paint with antioxidant varnish
Ideal gift for Anniversary, Birthdays, Bridesmaids, Mother of the Groom, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Special Moments. Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Special Moments, Bride, Bridesmaids Wedding anniversary (bronze, silver, gold). Iron wedding anniversary, Retirement. 25th – 50th – 75th birthday Iron Wedding Anniversary (6th Y) Tin, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, special moments
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