10pcs Potty Training Magic Stickers, Heat Activated Potty

Heat Activated Potty Training Stickers

10pcs Potty Training Magic Stickers, Heat Activated Potty Training Stickers, Thermal Potty-Training Stickers, Wee Activated Stickers, Wee Activated, Self-Adhesive, Reusable, Potty Training Reward

Magical Potty Training Stickers

Potty training a toddler is a big deal, not only does it mark the beginning of a new stage for your child, as he or she transitions into big boy or big girl underpants, but it means you get to save dollars, because, let’s face it! Diapers can be expensive.

  • THE WHY: Potty training can be hard at the best of times Our Potty-Training stickers with make it fun and exciting for your child. They will love to see our cartoon characters magically appear on contact with urine and then disappear on contact with cold water.
  • THE HOW: Our Potty-training stickers are heat sensitive, the images appear when warm and disappear when cold. All out stickers are reusable due to having a PVC covering that makes them easy to clean and prevents them from retaining and odours.
  • KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING: While your child masters potty training there will be little accidents that may set them back or upset them, but our stickers will help you to give them the motivation to keep them going! Whether that’s changing the sticker for a new surprise or watching their face light up after they have successfully use the potty.
  • PACK OF 10: Each heart sensitive sticker can be reusable for several weeks and with 10 different designs our pack of stickers could last you and your child 10 days or 10 weeks depending on how you use them during potty training adventure.
Weight: 16 g
Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 0.5 cm; 16 Grams
Brand: Generic
Model: LU004
Colour: Multicoloured
Colour: Multicoloured
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