EZVIZ 2K Wireless Video Doorbell Camera Outdoor with Wi-Fi

2K Video

EZVIZ 2K Wireless Video Doorbell Camera Outdoor with Wi-Fi Chime, 2K Video, AI Human PIR Detection, 4-Month Battery Life, 2-Way Talk, 5M Night Vision, Voice Changer, Alexa, SD Card/Cloud (DB2)

  • 【2K Video/176°View/Night Vision】Records everything happening at your doorstep in 2K resolution and enjoy 5M infrared night vision for 24/7 peace-of-mind. No more frustration with pixelated or blurry videos! With a 176-degree viewing angle, you can easily see the postman from head to toe and know where he places your package. The doorbell also comes with several different mounting plates in the package, which can help adjust the angle of installation to optimize the doorbell’s vision.
  • 【PIR Human Detection & No-Filming Privacy Zones】With both human-shape and PIR detection capabilities, the device is smart enough to distinguish people from pets or objects. You can customize the alert trigger conditions to adjust its sensibility. You can setup no-filming privacy zones on EZVIZ App to make sure recording only happens when it’s appropriate and allowed. Meanwhile, your recordings is fully encrypted from end to end to stay private and secure.
  • 【20 Ringtones & Voice Changer】An indoor chime with 20 ringtones up to 72dB makes sure you hear the ring even from afar.Using the EZVIZ App, you can talk and react with only a simple tap. If you live alone and prefer to stay unidentified to a stranger, use the voice changer for extra peace-of-mind. What’s better, the chime can help extend Wi-Fi signal, and boost the network for the doorbell to ensure it get connected. (Please plug the chime into a socket within 5 meters from the doorbell).
  • 【100% Wire-Free & 4-Month Battery Life】If you are less than a stellar electrician, this wireless, wire-free and weatherproof DB2 could be your best option – stick it anywhere and enjoy long-lasting performance. Equipped with a 5200 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, the doorbell can work for about 4 months on a single charge. [Please note that this doorbell only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi. So do not select 5G Hz Wi-Fi during network configuration].
  • 【SD/Cloud Storage & Anti-Tamper Design】You can insert a micro SD card (up to 256GB) into chime to save your recordings locally or subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for unlimited storage space and an additional layer of data protection with a FREE trial. In case the doorbell is forcibly removed, a sharp alarm will sound and a mobile alert will be instantly sent to you. What’s more, the DB2 prohibits unauthorized use after theft, thanks to the account binding restriction.
Weight: 930 g
Size: 2 Piece Set
Dimensions: 15 x 5.8 x 3.2 cm; 930 Grams
Model: DB2 Kit Grey
Colour: Grey-uk Version
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium Polymer
Manufacture: EZVIZ
Colour: Grey-uk Version
Quantity: 1
Size: 2 Piece Set

Product Description

Reliable front-door protection in 2K resolution

Easy to install and reliable in all weather, the video doorbell comes with multiple advanced features including 2K video, extremely wide field-of-view, and smart motion detection. Users can enjoy an extra layer of privacy protection using the voice changer feature & set up no-filming privacy zones.

A Smart Doorkeeper to Keep You in the Know

3MP resolutionDB2 PIR&Human Detection

Both human-shape & PIR detection

With both human-shape and PIR detection capabilities, the device is smart enough to distinguish people from pets or objects. You can customize the alert trigger conditions to adjust its sensibility.

  1. 4-Month Battery Life

    100% Wirefree

    5,200 mAh Rechargeable Battery

    Get wireless doorbell – stick it anywhere & enjoy long-lasting performance with 115-day battery life

  2. 176° Field of View

    See From Head to Toe

    See Ultra-Wide to Get the Whole Picture

    With a 176° view, you can easily see the postman from head to toe & know where he places the package

  3. DB2 Grey-Chime Included

    0-72 dB Adjustable Volume

    WiFi Chime Included

    The chime can extend Wi-Fi signal & boost the network for doorbell to ensure it get connected stably

  4. Clear Night Vision

    See Clear Even at Night

    Automatically Shift Between Day & Night Modes

    The video doorbell renders sharp night vision of objects up to 5 meters away for 24/7 protection.

  5. UK H.265 Technology

    Advanced Compression Tech

    A Money-Saver on Video Storage and Bandwidth

    Better video quality while using only half the bandwidth & half the storage space required by H.264.

  1. DB2 Grey-Instant Notification

    Talk Anytime & Anywhere

    Never Miss a Visitor

    When someone presses the doorbell button, your phone receives a message immediately and chime rings.

  2. DB2 Grey-Inclined Mounts Included

    Horizontal & Vertical

    Select 0°,5° or 15° Mounting Plates

    Different mounts help adjust the angle of installation to optimize the doorbell’s field of view.

  3. No-Filming Zone

    Secure Every Byte of Data

    Respect Every Private Space

    Setup no-filming privacy zones to make sure recording only happens when it’s appropriate & allowed.

  4. voice changer

    Enjoy Two-Way Talk

    Male Voice & Clown

    If you live alone and prefer to stay unidentified, just use the voice changer for extra peace-of-mind

  5. Alexa-Doorbell

    Voice-Enable Live View

    Smart Integration, Hands-Free Control

    Just say “Hey Google” or “Hey Alexa” to check what’s happening on a bigger screen.

  1. DB2-Adjust Sensitivity

    Smart PIR Detection

    Receive Alerts that you Care About

    Customize your alert trigger conditions by selecting different levels of detection sensitivity.

  2. DB2 Grey-Weatherproof

    Durable in Harsh Weathers

    High Levels of Resistance against Dust and Water

    The video doorbell ensures long-lasting protection even under the toughest weather conditions.

  3. DB2 Grey-Anti-Tamper Alarm

    Easy to Use but Hard to Tamper With

    When forcibly removed, a sharp alarm will sound and a mobile alert will be instantly sent to you.

  4. Doorbell-Storage

    SD Card Slot on Chime

    Store Locally or on Cloud

    Secure videos on a micro SD card (up to 256 GB), or subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay with FREE trial.

  5. Data Protection

    Encrypted from End to End

    Only you Have the Keys to Decrypt Your Data

    Your recordings is fully encrypted from end to end to stay private and secure.

1Adjustiable Sensitivity2Weatherproof3Anti-Tamper Alarm4SD Card/Cloud Storage5Privacy Protection

Can I use an SD card to store videos?

Yes, you could insert a micro SD card up to 256GB (sold separately) into the card slot on the chime. After installing the micro SD card, you should initialize it before using it to store videos.

Does it work with a 5 GHz router?

Sorry, the DB2 doorbell camera kit does not work with 5 GHz routers. It only supports a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Connection.

What is the furthest distance chime can be placed from the doorbell?

We recommend that you place the chime within 5 metres of the doorbell to ensure good signal strength.

Is there an option to wire this doorbell?

There are U-shaped Wires and Wire Connectors in the package, so you can also choose to wire this doorbell and connect it to your existing 16/24V mechanical or electric chimes. However, the U-shaped Wires cannot be used to power the doorbell.

Does it work with Alexa?

YES! The DB2 works with Alexa, Google and IFTTT, with powerful compatibilities.

Tutorial: How to Install & Setup EZVIZ Wireless Video Doorbell with Chime

Step 1: Pair the Doorbell and its Chime with the EZVIZ APP. (Please make sure the chime and doorbell are working within 5 meters) →Step 2: Install the mounting plate (normal / horizontally inclined / vertically inclined) using screws or a foam sticker →Step 3: Buckle up the doorbell.

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