FADISH TV Aerial – Digital TV Aerial Indoor for Freeview

360°& 250+ Miles Long Range Reception - Smart TV Atenna Indoor Support VHF/UHF/DAB Radio/4K/1080P and All TV

FADISH TV Aerial – Digital TV Aerial Indoor for Freeview TV,360°& 250+ Miles Long Range Reception – Smart TV Atenna Indoor Support VHF/UHF/DAB Radio/4K/1080P and All TV

Digital TV Aerial for Freeview TV

  • 【TV Aerial with Smart Technology】Elevate Your TV Viewing with Enhanced HD Local Channels. Our smart TV aerial features a cutting-edge smart switch, powerful signal booster, and advanced built-in technology to provide you with a clearer 4K 1080P image, reduced interference, and more free broadcast TV signals. Enjoy optimized signal strength, coverage, and frequency performance.
  • 【Quick & Easy Setup】Set up your TV aerial effortlessly in minutes! No tools needed. Connect it to your TV, scan for channels, and enjoy stunning visuals, vibrant colors, and clear audio from your favorite shows. The 16.4ft coaxial cable offers flexible installation options for optimal reception.
  • 【Superior Signal Stability & Clarity】Elevate your viewing with our high-quality coaxial cable. It features a strong center conductor, specialized insulation, three layers of aluminum shielding, and a durable outer casing, ensuring exceptional signal quality. Its slim 0.2-inch profile cuts signal loss by 50%, providing enhanced stability, clear visuals, and full HD audio for an immersive experience.
  • 【Elegant & Low-Profile Design】Our compact and high-performance aerial seamlessly blends into any setting, saving space. Feel free to adjust its placement for the best reception; simply re-scan for channels if you relocate it.
  • 【IMPORTANT NOTICE】Please check if your TV is an analog or digital TV and look for markings indicating a digital tuner (such as ATSC, DTV, HDTV, Digital Ready, HD Ready, Digital Tuner, Digital Receiver, Digital Tuner Built-in or Integrated Digital Tuner) on the front/back of the TV. If your TV lacks a digital tuner, you will need an external tuner or converter/set-top box to receive channels!
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