Universal Samsung Remote Controls For Smart Tv, Universal

Universal Samsung TV Remote With Netflix/Prime Video/Rakuten TV Buttons For Most Samsung TV QLED UHD HDR LCD Frame Curved Solar HDTV 3D 4K 8K Smart TVs

Universal Samsung Remote Controls For Smart Tv, Universal Samsung TV Remote With Netflix/Prime Video/Rakuten TV Buttons For Most Samsung TV QLED UHD HDR LCD Frame Curved Solar HDTV 3D 4K 8K Smart TVs

  • BEST UNIVERSAL REPLACMENT WITH SMART BUTTONS: This samsung smart remote replacment is compatible with most Samsung smart TV models, including TV QLED SUHD UHD HDR LCD Frame Curved Solar HDTV 3D 4K 8K Smart TVs. The remote control features shortcut smart buttons for popular streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Rakuten TV
  • DON'T SETUP REQUIRED: The universal for samsung tv remotes no need to spend time setting up or programming this tv remote control universal. Simply insert two AAA batteries in samsung smart tv remote, and it's ready to go. The buttons on the samsung tv remote control replacement are clearly labeled, making it easy to identify and select the function you need.
  • TRANSMISSION & COMFORTABLE: The samsung remote controls for smart tv is designed to be lightweight and ergonomic, making it comfortable to hold and use. The buttons on the remote control are soft and easy to press, and are very responsive. remote control provides a greater transmitting distance of over 30 ft, allowing you to control your TV from further away. Compatible with smart tv All Models: BN59-01266A, BN59-01259E, BN59-01330A, BN59-01329A, BN59-01298A, BN59-01298H BN59-01292A BN59-01241A.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Samsung Remote Controls BN59-01315B For Smart Tv compatible with Most Models: BN59-01312A, BN59-01312G, BN59-01310A, BN59-01199F, BN59-01301A, AU9000, AU9007, AU9010, AU9070, BU8000, BU8500, BU8510, Q50A, Q60A, Q65A, Q70A, Q70B, Q75A, Q75B, Q80A, Q80B, QN700A, QN800B, QN85A, QN85B, QN900A, QN90A, QN90B, QN94C, QN95B, S95B, etc including 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 series TVs, for other Samsung UE series quantum TV, The Frame Art Mode, The Serif QLED series TVs.
  • QUALITY SATISFACTORY SERVICE: The smart tv remote controls are made of high-quality materials. It's important to choose a truly safe good remote. If you have other questions, you can contact us at any time. We will reply and solve your question within 24 hours. The smart TV remote controls are of good quality and is built to last, ensuring that it will provide reliable service for a long time.We inspect each piece before it leaves the factory. The remote does not need programming and pairing.

Product Description

Samsung Remote Controls For Smart Tv, Universal Samsung Tv Remote With Netflix, Prime Video, Rakuten Tv Buttons For All Samsung Tv Led

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Our Samsung TV Remote is thoughtfully designed with an intuitive button layout to ensure you have easy and precise control over your entertainment. Each button is strategically placed to enhance your TV-watching experience.

1. Power Button: Turn your TV on or off with a single press of the power button. Enjoy the convenience of managing your TV's power without any hassle.

2. Volume Control: Adjust the volume to your preferred level with the dedicated volume buttons. Whether you're catching up on the latest news or enjoying a blockbuster movie, the volume control is at your fingertips.

3. Channel Navigation: Navigate through channels effortlessly with the channel up and down buttons. Quickly find your favorite shows and explore new content.

4. Number Keypad: Input specific channel numbers or access features by using the number keypad. It's a convenient way to jump directly to your desired content.

5. Directional Buttons: The directional buttons (up, down, left, right) make menu navigation a breeze. Easily browse through streaming apps, settings, and more.

6. OK/Enter Button: The OK or Enter button is your command center. Confirm selections, choose menu options, and activate your choices with a simple press.

7. Home Button: Return to your TV's home screen quickly and efficiently with the dedicated Home button. Access your favorite apps and features without any hassle.

8. Back Button: Need to go back or undo an action? The Back button ensures you can navigate menus and screens with ease.

9. Shortcut Buttons: Enjoy instant access to popular streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Rakuten, and the Guide feature with the convenient shortcut buttons. Launch your preferred content without any delays.

10. Mode Buttons: Some remotes feature mode buttons to control other devices like DVD players or sound systems. Check your specific remote for these additional options.

Our Samsung TV Remote's button layout is designed to provide a comfortable and intuitive for users. Each button is responsive and placed within easy reach, so you can effortlessly control your TV and enjoy your favorite shows and movies with precision.

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