XMSJSIY HDMI Keystone Coupler Female to Female Wall Outlet

XMSJSIY HDMI Keystone Coupler Female to Female Wall Outlet Jack Adapter High-Speed 4K Insert for Standard Keystone Wall Plates - 4PCS (Black)

XMSJSIY HDMI Keystone Coupler Female to Female Wall Outlet Jack Adapter High-Speed 4K Insert for Standard Keystone Wall Plates – 4PCS (Black)

  • HDMI Keystone Jack coupler supports 4K quality, allowing two HDMI male cables to be connected together, extending the length of the HDMI cable, and achieving high-speed and high-quality video
  • HDMI keystone Female to female coupler is used together with wall panels, panels, and wiring boards, and paired with standard HDMI interfaces for simple and convenient connection of HDMI cables to wall panels
  • HDMI adapter supports up to 4K video output and end-to-end high refresh rates for richer contrast and higher color accuracy
  • Gold-plated HDMI connectors and contacts can achieve maximum conductivity and minimal data loss, improve signal transmission and resist corrosion. Vertical guide wedges are compatible with wall panels or wiring boards at standard wedges
  • HDMI Keystone jack insert has snap in structure that allows for easy installation into a trapezoidal wall panel or wiring board, with HDMI cables inserted at both ends

Product Description

HDMI Keystone Coupler HDMI Keystone Coupler HDMI Keystone Coupler
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