Miracle-Gro PEAT FREE Premium Fruit & Vegetable Compost with Organic Plant Food, 40 litre

Miracle-Gro PEAT FREE Premium Fruit & Vegetable Compost with Organic Plant Food


About this item

  • Outperforms ordinary peat free compost and ideal for fruit and veg
  • Ready to use, no need to mix
  • Includes organic plant food to feed for up to 6 weeks
  • Includes Fibre Smart for the perfect balance of air and water and 14 nutrients for plant health
  • Perfect for use in beds, borders, pots and containers
Dimensions: 46 x 59 x 8 cm; 13 kg
Model: 121316
Part: 121316
Manufacture: Evergreen Garden Care

From the manufacturer

Miracle-Gro - Keep Growing with the UK’s best compost brand
  1. Twice As Much Produce

    Twice as much produce

    Feed plants the nutrients they need to grow twice as much produce (versus unfed plants)!

  2. 14 Vital Minerals

    14 vital minerals

    Unique combination of 14 minerals including N, P, K and trace elements, which maintain plant health.

  3. Coir Technology

    Coir technology helps retain more water

    Coir is an organic component that provides near-ideal pH and makes the compost easier to work with.

  4. Child and Pet Friendly

    Pet and child friendly

    Exceeds stringent regulations and is suitable for use in areas where children and pets have access.

1Twice As Much Produce214 Vital Minerals3Coir Technology4Pet & Child Friendly

A premium peat-free planter formulated for tastier fruit and veg in abundance

Miracle-Gro Peat Free Premium Fruit & Vegetable Compost is part of the high-performing Miracle-Gro peat-free range. Outperforms ordinary peat free compost, ideal for fruit and vegetables and Includes organic plant food that feeds for up to 6 weeks. Ready to use, no need to mix. Includes Fibre Smart for the perfect balance of air and water, and 14 nutrients for plant health.

Perfect for use in beds, borders, pots and containers.

Planting vegetables in compost

Why should I use Miracle-Gro Peat Free Premium Fruit & Vegetable Compost with Organic Plant Food?

This compost contains a careful balance of 14 vital minerals that help your plants to grow strong and healthy. Contains a combination of organic vital minerals that feeds for up to 6 weeks.

Where can I use Miracle-Gro Peat Free Premium Fruit & Vegetable Compost with Organic Plant Food?

Ideal for fruits and vegetables. Works well for young plants and established plants. Perfect for vegetable gardens, beds and borders, containers and baskets.

How do I use Miracle-Gro Peat Free Premium Fruit & Vegetable Compost with Organic Plant Food in pots and containers?

Place a layer of compost in base of pot. Tap out plant from old pot, loosen the root ball and place in the centre of pot. Fill the space around the root ball, ensuring the compost level covers all roots. Firm lightly, water thoroughly and let drain.

What have you used to replace peat in this compost?

Miracle-Gro compost contains forest by-products, carefully processed into wood fibre to help you grow plants that improve your environment and make the world a more beautiful place.

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Price £8.99£11.19£11.99£6.00£9.49£6.99
Peat free
All purpose
Potted houseplants
For growing fruit and veg
Special for improving borders
Special for levelling lawns
Feeds for up to 6 weeks 6 weeks 3 months 3 months N/A N/A 6 weeks
Gardens Need Love And Miracle-Gro
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