NETVUE Birdfy- Bird Feeder Camera, Bird Feeders, Auto Record Videos & Notify When Bird Visit, Bird Box Camera, Smart Bird Camera, Birthday Gifts for Mum/Dad/Bird Lovers(Birdfy Lite)

NETVUE Birdfy- Bird Feeder Camera


About this item

  • Watch Birds on Your Phone Anywhere, Anytime Birdfy smart bird feeder camera automatically records bird videos and notifies you when birds visit, ensuring you never miss a feathered friend in your garden. Simply open the app to connect with nature, enjoy live birdwatching from the comfort of your home.
  • Crystal Clear Vision and Sound, Even at Night Birdfy bird feeder camera captures close-up bird videos from a selfie-like perspective, ensuring every detail is sharp and clear. Even in low light conditions, you can select between Infrared Mode and Full-color modes for optimal night vision. Moreover, indulge in the melodious birdsongs or deter unwanted guests with the two-way audio feature.
  • Share Lovely Moments with Your Loved Ones Birdfy bird feeders camera automatically uploads videos to the Cloud, offering 30 days of complimentary storage for your bird history. You can expand the storage by inserting an SD card. Capture a diverse range of bird species in your area and share with your friends and family. Spread love and joy with Birdfy!
  • User-Friendly Design for Easy Filling & Cleaning Everything you need is included, with no wiring or professional setup required. The 1.5L food container provides an ample supply. The roof design ensures easy filling and cleaning. The bottom drainage holes keep it dry, preventing moisture and maintaining a hygienic feeding area.
  • Perfect Birthday Gift for Mum and Dad "Since I gifted Birdfy to my dad, he's been sharing amazing bird videos with me. It's so much fun! " Are you looking for a gift that'll bring endless joy to your loved one? Whether it's Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, or retirement, the Birdfy smart bird camera is the ultimate choice to gift the joy of birdwatching.
  • Welcome to a new level of birdwatching delight! Discover the daily routines of your avian visitors and witness their captivating activities from dawn to sunset, and even into the midnight hours, gaining a deeper understanding of their habits. Get ready to be amazed as your garden welcomes new bird species, offering delightful feeding moments you've never experienced before. With Birdfy, you can unlock the wonders of birdwatching right from the comfort of your sofa or armchair.
Weight: 2.08 kg
Size: 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Dimensions: 26 x 24.5 x 28.5 cm; 2.08 kg
Colour: Blue
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium Ion
Manufacture: Netvue
Colour: Blue
Quantity: 1
Size: 1 Count (Pack of 1)

From the brand

bird feeder with camerabirdfy logo sloganbirdfy bird feeder camerabirdfy bird feedersNETVUE Birdfy- Smart Bird Feeder Camera, Auto Capture/Record Bird Videos, Push Motion Notificatio...NETVUE Birdfy -Smart Bird Feeder Camera, Auto Record and Save Bird Videos & Push Motion Notificat...

Birdfy- Smart Bird Feeder Cam

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    Customers are at the heart of our decision-making. We take the time to understand needs and challenges, design products that truly bring value.

    Birdfy Speaks About Bird Life

    We've expanded possibilities to encompass various stages of the bird lifecycle, including nesting, incubation, and a diverse range of accessories, all contributing to the cultivation of a vibrant garden

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    Birdfy users are not just humans, but also birds! All Birdfy series products are designed with the best care for our bird friends, ranging from design and structure.

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