Safety 1st Simply Close Wood and Metal, Baby Stair Gate Pressure Fit, 73–80cm (max. 94cm), No-Screw Installation (No Drilling), One-Hand Opening, Double Lock System, Baby Safety Gate, Wood & Graphite

Safety 1st Simply Close Wood and Metal


About this item

  • PRESSURE FIT STAIR GATE: this stylish baby and pet gate combines safety with a contemporary design and can be adjusted from 73cm to 80cm (max. 94cm with extensions – sold separately)
  • NO-SCREW INSTALLATION: enjoy an effortless and quick installation thanks to the four-point pressure fitting system, so there’s no need for screws or drilling
  • ONE-HAND OPENING: thanks to its easy closing system, the wooden stair gate is easy to open with just one hand, and you can close it with a simple push or a quick slam from both directions
  • EXTENDABLE STAIR GATE: the wooden baby gate can be adjusted with complete ease from 73cm to 80cm, and all the way up to 94cm if you use the 7cm extensions on each side (sold separately)
  • EXTRA SAFETY: this child gate has double-lock system, activated by pushing the button and lifting, to ensure a secure barrier for toddlers on the move as they explore around your home
  • STYLISH CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: made from natural wood and metal graphite frame, the child safety gate offers a contemporary design that harmonises with modern home interiors
  • SELF-ADJUSTING: the initial misalignment at the level of the locking mechanism disappears by tightening the over-molded fixing screws in the safety gate's frame
  • ACCESSORIES: extend the gate up to 94cm by using the separately sold 7cm extension on both sides – purchase the Y-spindles to install the gate on round stair railings with a diameter of up to 5cm

Product description

Simply Close Wood and Metal
Safety is paramount in the family home, and the Safety 1st Simply Close Wood and Metal child gate combines safety with a contemporary natural wood and graphite design. Close it with a gentle push or a quick slam, and open it effortlessly with just one hand, perfect for when your other hand is occupied. Fitting and adjusting it are equally straightforward, and the gate’s natural wood finish subtly complements modern home interiors.

Ease of Use
Designed with simplicity in mind, the safety gate offers unmatched convenience. It can be operated with one hand, making opening and closing the gate a breeze, whether you’re carrying your little one or juggling household tasks. It offers no-fuss installation thanks to the four-point pressure fitting system, eliminating the need for screws or drilling, and ensuring a quick set-up. The gate’s adjustable width accommodates various spaces with ease, making it the ideal choice for any family home.

This safety gate is designed for families with young children, providing a secure barrier for toddlers on the move. Its user-friendly features make it suitable for parents with infants and toddlers, ensuring their safety as they explore the home thanks to its double-lock system. It’s the perfect choice to safeguard curious little ones and offer peace of mind throughout their early years

This safety gate can be adjusted from 73cm to 80cm, but with the purchase of the extensions for each side (sold separately, 7cm per extension), it can go up to 94cm. You also have the option to purchase the Y-spindles to install the gate on round stair railings with a diameter of up to 5cm.

Weight: 5.28 kg
Dimensions: 80 x 71 x 4 cm; 5.28 kg
Model: 2812014
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Composition: Steel 55.25% , Beech 35.54%, ABS 3.85%, HDPE 0.03%, PA 6 2.42% , PC/ABS 1.59%, POM 0.49%, PP 0.23%, PVC 0.54%, Paper 0.06%
Quantity: 1

From the manufacturer

Safety first gates how to measureEasy close wallfix and easy close extra tall

Where can I place my gate?

The gate can be used at the top or bottom of the stairs and in door frames. Ensure that the wall, door frame or support to which you fix the barrier is solid, stable, smooth and is non-greasy. The safety barrier must not be fitted across windows.

Can I use the gate on any stairwell? For e.g. spiral staircase, staircase with handrail

The gate can be used at the top or bottom of the stairs if they have 2 parallel support – ensure that this is solid, stable, smooth and non-greasy. Y-spindles make it possible to fix a gate onto a ramp, a balustrade or any other cylindrical upright.

Why does my gate not close?

Please make sure you read through the entire manual carefully and follow all instructions. If any problems or defects occur, your first point of contact is the authorised dealer or retailer recognised by us.

Can the gate stay open?

The gate has an easy close system: slam or push to shut. If it isn't slammed, the gate will remain open.

Why is the gate difficult to open?

Please make sure you read through the entire manual carefully and follow all instructions. If any problems or defects occur, your first point of contact is the authorised dealer or retailer recognised by us.

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Price £49.99£29.99£29.95£39.99£31.49£49.99
Age 6m – 24m 6m – 24m 6m – 24m 6m – 24m 6m – 24m 6m – 24m 6m – 24m
4-point pressure fitting
No screw-installation
Visual lock indicator
One-handed opening
One or two-way opening
Height (cm) 73 73 73 73 73 91 76
Width (cm) 73 – 80 73 – 80 73 – 80 73 – 80 73 – 80 73 – 80 73 – 80
Extended width (cm) max. 94 max. 108 max. 136 max. 136 max. 101 max. 94 max. 94
Extensions available 7cm 7cm, 14cm 7cm, 14cm, 28cm 7cm, 14cm, 28cm 7cm, 14cm 7cm 7cm
Y-spindle compatibility
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