VICILEY Cluster Lashes 120 Individual Lashes Cluster With Lash Bond and Seal and Applicator Eyelash Extensions False Eyelashes Wispy Fluffy Lashes Reusable Lash Extension Kit Natural Lashes – V01

VICILEY Cluster Lashes 120 Individual Lashes Cluster With Lash Bond and Seal and Applicator Eyelash Extensions False Eyelashes Wispy Fluffy Lashes Reusable Lash Extension Kit Natural Lashes - V01


About this item

  • PREMIUM CLUSTER EYELASHES: VICILEY cluster lashes offer a natural and realistic look. Each cluster lashes is handmade from synthetic fibres and is very soft to the touch and very easy to fan. Each style has 24 clusters of lashes and every 3-4 clusters completes one eye with a C D curl. These lashes can hold a wonderful curl for a long time, just look like our own lashes, with a thin fine lash band, allow you to create a wonderful lash extension look and make you more beautiful.
  • CLUSTERS EYELASH APPLICATOR TOOL: 2 in 1 Lash Bond and Seal, one side is bond, the other side is lock. Gentle formula cluster bond and seal with excellent waterproof, sweatproof, and long-lasting power, 2 in 1 made for your convenience, easy to apply without clumpy and easy to remove by lash clusters glue remvover, without residue. The lash clusters tweezers are made of advanced stainless steel, which are close well and have a strong grip, make it easier to grasp clusters lashes.
  • DIY INDIVIDUAL CLUSTERS AT HOME: VICILEY presents 120 lash clusters in a single tray, lash bond and seal, a gold tweezer. You can apply cluter lashes at home by yourself, create your perfect daily look according to your own style and preferences, which will make you happier and more confident. Easy to put lashes on, gorgeous results and lash clusters are easy to fall off. Cluters takes less time to apply on each eye. Save much money and time.
  • EASY TO USE AND DURABLE: The eyelash clusters are super soft and lightweight. The roots of the eyelash clusters are neat and in better contact with the natural eyelashes. Firstly, choose which cluster lashes you would like to use and then gently tweeze them from the left side. Using the brush tip of the eyelash glue, gently brush two coats onto the stalk, wait for a while until the glue becomes sticky and then gently place it under your own lashes.
  • SATISFACTORY AFTER-SALES SERVICE: VICILEY focuses on providing you with high-quality products and serving your beauty. We are a professional eyelash manufacturer and we are confident in our products. If you have any questions about cluster lashes , please leave us a message through the Amazon platform in time, and we will help you solve the problem within 24 hours.
Dimensions: 17.2 x 11.2 x 1.8 cm; 60 g
Brand: Viciley
Manufacture: VICILEY
Reference: DM-5PL-KIT-VICI-V01

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