Y-kelin Retainer Cleansing Tablets-120 Tablets Retainer Cleaner 4 Months Supply-New Formulation Apple Flavor Denture,Mouth Guard Cleaner(Apple)

Y-kelin Retainer Cleansing Tablets-120 Tablets Retainer Cleaner 4 Months Supply-New Formulation Apple Flavor Denture


About this item

  • ✔ Effective Sterilization: remove 99.9% of oral bacteria, continuous daily cleaning will help you get rid of all annoying stubborn stains!
  • ✔ Fresh Breath: unique fruit flavor formula, scent is overflowing while cleaning utensils.
  • ✔Safe Formula: We only use the most carefully selected high-quality ingredients to ensure that it is not only very effective, but also super safe to avoid irritating the mouth.
  • ✔Multi-purpose: rest assured to use our tablet with your dentures, retainers, transparent aligners, and mouth guards.
  • ✔Easy to Use: You only need a glass of water and an appropriate amount of orthodontic cleaning tablets. After a while, your dental appliances will be clean.
Brand: Y-Kelin
Origin: China

Product Description

Cleaning tableFruit tabletRetainter tablesPlaque cleaning tablets
Customer Reviews 3.2 out of 5 stars 62
Used for Clean dentures, retainers, etc. Clean teeth Clean dentures, retainers, etc. Expose plaque
Features 360 degree deep cleansing, natural mint smell, fresh breath Perfect replacement for toothpaste, clean your mouth anytime, anywhere Patented two-color cleaning sheet, powerfully kills 99.% of bacteria Edible material, clearly showing dental plaque
What is Included? 30 tablets/box 30 tablets/box 96 tablets/box 36 tablets/box
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