Archery Paper Targets for Backyard, 30pcs Bow and Arrow

Archery Paper Targets for Backyard

Archery Paper Targets for Backyard, 30pcs Bow and Arrow Target, 16in 10 Rings Paper Archery Targets for Hunting & Archery Targets, Target Practice Accessories

” Product Name: Official Targets – Suitable for Target Practice and Training Before Matches
We proudly present official targets that adhere to the rules of THE INTERNATIONAL ARCHERY FEDERATION (IAF). These bow and arrow target are specifically designed for target practice and training before matches, ensuring your training and competitions meet international standards.

Key Features:
1, Designed According to IAF Regulations: These archery paper targets are created according to the design standards set by the IAF, ensuring your shooting practice and training align with international competition requirements.
2, Suitable for Training and Matches: Whether it’s preparation training before competitions or daily shooting practice, our official targets meet your needs.
3, Clear and Visible Target Face: The design of the paper archery targets ensures clarity of the target face, allowing you to accurately hone your skills during shooting.
4, Durable and Long-lasting Materials: We use high-quality materials to manufacture these arrow target, ensuring they remain intact after multiple shots, providing you with a long-term training companion.
Size: Each bow target measures 40*40 inches, providing sufficient shooting area for you to showcase your archery skills.
Quantity: Each pack contains 30 archery targets, enough to meet your long-term shooting training needs.
Includes Target Nails: Each package comes with 4 target nails for easy fixation of the target papers, ensuring stability and safety during shooting.
Whether you’re a novice or an experienced archer, our official targets will be your ideal choice for archery training. Purchase our products to make your archery practice more professional, organized, and in line with international standards.

  • OUTSTANDING PRINTING QUALITY – The archery paper targets are crafted using the latest printing technology, ensuring clear and precise patterns to provide excellent visual guidance for archery practice.
  • FULL RING DESIGN, LARGE SIZE – Each piece of paper archery targets features a full ring design with 10 rings, and measures 40*40 inches, offering a wide shooting target to meet the needs of archery enthusiasts.
  • PREMIUM SURFACE TREATMENT – The matte finish reduces glare, allowing archers to see the target clearly under various lighting conditions, enhancing shooting accuracy.
  • STRONG DURABILITY – After shooting, the bow and arrow target are resistant to shedding and cracking, maintaining target clarity and integrity, thus prolonging their lifespan.
  • INCLUDES TARGET NAILS – Each set comes with 4 target nails, facilitating the secure fixation of the bow targets archery, ensuring stability and safety during shooting.
Size: 30 pcs(10 ring /16in )
Dimensions: 40.8 x 40.8 x 2 cm; 590 g
Colour: Archery Target Paper 16×16
Manufacture: Image-Yea
Colour: Archery Target Paper 16×16
Size: 30 pcs(10 ring /16in )
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