Aviro Moth Killer Spray – Fast Acting Moth Repellent

Aviro Moth Killer Spray - Fast Acting Moth Repellent for Carpets

Aviro Moth Killer Spray – Fast Acting Moth Repellent for Carpets, Clothes & Wardrobes. Triple Action Formula, Professional Strength Carpet Moth Spray For Immediate & Ongoing Protection Against Moths

  • PROTECT YOUR HOME FROM DESTRUCTIVE MOTHS – our moth spray gets to work immediately, disabling and controlling moths on contact, providing long lasting residual protection. Look no further if you’re battling carpet moths or looking for an effective clothes moth killer
  • TRIPLE ACTION DEFENCE – our advanced NEW triple action moth killer formula rapidly tackles & eliminates moth growth at all life stages (eggs, larvae & adults). This ensures comprehensive moth control, breaking the breeding cycle & preventing future infestations
  • TACKLE MOTH INFESTATIONS IN CARPETS, CLOTHES & WARDROBES – fast acting formula kills on contact, providing immediate relief & ongoing defence from moths & carpet beetles. Enjoy peace of mind with lasting moth protection, making it the best moth killer for persistent problems
  • PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH FOR HOME USE – trusted by pest control experts, Aviro’s strong moth spray for rooms offers unbeatable moth and insect protection for your home. Perfect for those seeking reliable & long lasting results without the need for professional services
  • SAFE, CONVENIENT, EFFECTIVE MOTH REPELLENT – low odour, non-staining anti-moth spray is safe for your home and family and is suitable (and HSE approved) for use on a variety of surfaces, including carpets, drawers, wardrobes, and hard surfaces
  • FAST & RELIABLE RESULTS – trusted by experts, our professional strength moth spray killer offers exceptional control over moth infestations, giving you peace of mind and reliable results. Experience fast moth control with our moth repellent for rooms, ensuring a quick end to moth damage & infestations in your home
  • EASY APPLICATION – designed with convenience in mind, our new 750ml moth killer is easy to apply. Simply shake, spray, and enjoy a moth free home. No complicated steps or expensive professionals are needed, just consistently quick and effective results
  • STOP MOTHS & CARPET BEETLES RUINING YOUR CARPET – highly effective ready to use carpet moth killer spray & carpet beetle spray for carpet moth killer treatment. For best results re-treat regularly for ongoing treatment or if your moth infestation persists
  • TRUSTED QUALITY – made in the UK to the highest standards, Aviro Moth Killer Spray is rigorously tested and certified. Our commitment to quality means you can trust our products to deliver exceptional performance and effectively protect your home
  • YOUR ULTIMATE MOTH SOLUTION – whether you’re looking for a brown house moth killer, or a lavender moth repellent, or need a powerful moth carpet spray, Aviro has you covered. Discover how to get rid of moths and protect your home with our comprehensive range of anti-moth products
Weight: 780 g
Dimensions: 25 x 11 x 63 cm; 780 g
Model: Moth Spray 750ml
Part: Moth Spray 750ml
Colour: Clear
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Aviro
Colour: Clear
Quantity: 1

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