EarFun Kids Headphones, Foldable On-ear Headphones for Kid

Foldable On-ear Headphones for Kid

EarFun Kids Headphones, Foldable On-ear Headphones for Kid, 85dB Volume Limiter, Sturdy Design, Stereo Sound, Super Light, Adjustable Headband, Wired Children Headphone for School/Travel/Phone, Black

  • EarFun Kids Headphones: Dedicated to Protecting Every Kid's Hearing!
  • [HD Stereo Sound, Perfect for Education and Online Learning]: Equipped with high-quality drivers and professional EarFun sound tuning, EarFun Kids Headphones deliver distortion-free sound. Kids can enjoy clear mid and high frequencies along with strong bass in educational videos, online courses, music, entertainment videos, and audiobooks.
  • [85dB Volume Limit – The Most Comfortable Volume for Kids]: To protect children's sensitive ears, the volume is limited to 85 dB. This effectively reduces loudness while still allowing every sound detail to be heard clearly.
  • [Ultra-light and 90-degree Foldable Design]: At just 118 grams, the lightweight wired headphones are perfect for extended wear, easily adjusting to fit a variety of head shapes and hair types for kids aged 3 to 13, and conveniently fold for storage in a backpack or carry case.
  • [Safe Certified and Reliable Materials]: Certified with CPC safety standards and constructed from safe materials, the kids headphones feature soft yet sturdy ear pads, a tangle-free long cable, and a long-lasting gold-plated 3.5mm aux connector angled at 120 degrees for lasting use.
  • [High Compatibility]: The kids headphones are compatible with all devices that have a 3.5mm port, such as tablets, computers, smartphones, and are also compatible with a wide range of commonly used devices like i Pad.

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Wired Headphones for Kids

  • The Youngest Brand, Won the Most Awards.

    EarFun is the most awarded new audio brand. We have earned 100+ awards from 20+ authoritative audio media.

    Who We Are?

    Whatever and wherever, EarFun is the brand that audio consumers can trust because it's founded by audio professionals with 17-year of experience. If great sound matters, there is an EarFun solution with your name on it.

    What We Do?

    Bring our vision for creating superior wireless audio products into reality. Try our best to ensure a great experience for our customers.

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