Oregon 3-Pack Pole Saw Chains for 8-Inch (20 cm) Bar -33

Oregon 3-Pack Pole Saw Chains for 8-Inch (20 cm) Bar -33 Drive Links – low-kickback chain fits Bosch

Oregon 3-Pack Pole Saw Chains for 8-Inch (20 cm) Bar -33 Drive Links – low-kickback chain fits Bosch, Black & Decker, Ryobi and More (91P033X3)

  • Fits these pole saw models: Bosch UniversalChain18, Grizzly BKS25L, EKS710T, Ryobi ONE+ OPP1820, Mac Allister HKPCS06D05-X, Titan TTL650GDO and more
  • Low-kickback, low-vibration chain with Chamfer Chisel cutters for durability and easy maintenance. For saw models that run 3/8 Inch pitch, .050 Inch (1.3 mm) gauge, 33 drive links
  • This Oregon chainsaw chain fits chainsaws up to 42cc
  • Bumper drive link paired with depth gauge design, offers reduced kickback with strong performance
  • Pack of 3 replacement chains
Weight: 372 g
Size: for 8-Inch (20 cm)
Dimensions: 15.5 x 11 x 4 cm; 372 g
Model: 91P033X3
Part: 91P033X3
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Oregon Tool
Quantity: 1
Size: for 8-Inch (20 cm)

From the manufacturer

Chainschainsaw filingbar lengthpitch

Bar Length:

Determine guide bar length by measuring from the front of the chainsaw to the tip of the guide bar.

Chain Gauge:

Chain gauge is the thickness of each drive link. Find your gauge by measuring the section of the drive link inside the groove of the guide bar.

Chain Pitch:

Pitch is measured by the distance between 3 consecutive rivets , divided by 2.

Drive Links:

Count each drive link to know the total number of drive links on your saw chain.

Designed to fit most chainsaw/pole saw models that require a 3/8 Inch pitch, .050 Inch (1.3 mm) gauge with 33 drive links

Fits most makes of standard long arm saws, including the following models:

  • Alpina: MT 2148 Li,MT 24 Li,
  • Bosch: UniversalChainPole18, UniversalChain18,
  • Einhell: GC-EC 750 T,GC-LC 1815 T,GE-HC 18 Li,GE-LC 18Li T,
  • Florabest: FAHE18B2
  • Gardol: GASI 24-20,GATS-E 20 LI,GETS-E 710 Kit ,GHH-E20 Li,
  • Greenworks: G24PS, G24PS20,G40PS20,GPS7220,
  • Grizzly: BKS25L, EKS710T,
  • Hanseatic: AKS 1820 T-Li,IEAS 750,
  • Hurricane: HESI 750,HESI 750-1,
  • Ferrex: FS-AAS 2020, FN AAS 2020
  • LUX: EAS 18Li20,A-AS 18 Li/20,A-AS 18Li/20,A-HS18Li Set,A-KS 18 Li/20,AKS 184/20,AKS 18Li/20,BAS 34/20,B-HS plus Set,B-HS SET,EAS 600/20,E-AS 710/20,
  • MacAllister: M4MTP25, Mac 750w, HKPCS06D05-X,
  • Mr. Gardener: HA 18 Li T PXC,HA 18 LI-2 18V,HA18 LI,HB 30,
  • Pattfield: PE-AHE 18 Li,PE-AMT,PE-EAS,
  • Qualcast: YT4348,
  • Ryobi: ONE+ OPP1820, RPP750S, RPP720,
  • Scheppach: MGT410, Stiga,SMT 24 AE,SMT 48 AE,
  • Spear & Jackson: Pole Pruner, GT250/18, MacAllister M4MTP25, S75EC, MT999,
  • Sterwins: EPS2-20.3,36PS LI-2,
  • Stiga:,SMT 24 AE,SMT 48 AE,
  • Titan: TTL650GDO, DPL432GDO
  • Texas: Smart Chainsaw 200,
  • Wingart: ETK 710
  • Wolf-Garten: CSA700Li, PSA 700 Titan TTB426GDO, TTK587GDO and other compatible models from: Alpina, Einhell, Gardol, Greenworks, Grizzly, Hanseatic, Hurricane, LUX, Mac Allister, Pattfield, Scheppach, Sterwins, Stiga, Texas, Wingart.

Attention: This saw chain met the kickback performance requirement of ANSI B175.1-2012 when tested according to the provisions of ANSI B175.1-2012. Low-kickback saw chain meets the kickback performance requirement of CSA standard Z62.3.

Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,589 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,063 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,613 4.7 out of 5 stars 11,830 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,621
Price £20.85£33.30£49.35£18.65£16.45
Fits these chainsaw models: OREGON CS1200-35, Mac Allister MCSWP1800S, Ryobi RCS3835T, RCS4235B, Husqvarna 235, Makita UC3551A and more Fits these chainsaw models: Bosch AKE35-19S, Karcher CS330BP, Husqvarna 436Li, 536Li, Makita DUC353, DUC3541 and more Universal Type A chainsaw safety leggings for front protection, offering five layers of protective material Wide and durable stainless steel mesh visor which flips up and down. Ear muffs protect from noise of up to 25.9 decibels Universal, on-the-go sharpening kit designed to sharpen your saw while you’re on the job
Fits Chainsaws up to 42cc that run 3/8 Inch pitch, .050 Inch (1.3 mm) gauge, 52 drive links For chainsaw models that run 3/8 Inch low-profile pitch, .043 Inch (1.1 mm) gauge, 52 drive links Lightweight, comfortable, and abrasion-resistant ideal for arborists, loggers, landscapers, and homeowners for heavy-duty outdoor tasks Impact resistant: Strong, durable, lightweight hard hat suitable for chainsaw work and other outdoor tasks – giving essential protection for face, eyes, ears and head Convenient and portable kit comes with rolled pouch with inner pockets and hook and loop closure
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