Outsunny 1500W Electric Halogen Patio Heater Aluminium

Outsunny 1500W Electric Halogen Patio Heater Aluminium Garden Hanging Lamp Outdoor Ceiling Mounted Heat Warmer

Outsunny 1500W Electric Halogen Patio Heater Aluminium Garden Hanging Lamp Outdoor Ceiling Mounted Heat Warmer, Red

  • 1500W Halogen Heating Technology: This patio heater utilizes halogen heating technology to effectively and evenly distribute warmth. It operates on a standard 230 volts outlet and provides a powerful 1500 watts of heat.
  • Convenient Control: The outdoor heater is equipped with a pull rope for easy operation. You can easily control the settings of the heater using this handy feature.
  • Aluminium Case: The garden heater is encased in a quality aluminium cover, providing stability and safety. It also features a mesh barrier to protect against direct contact with the heat source.
  • Easy Installation: This outdoor heater can be easily attached to a gazebo or outdoor ceiling using the included hook and chain. The installation process is quick and hassle-free.
  • Dimensions: Overall Size: Φ40 x 32Hcm
Weight: 2.3 kg
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 32 cm; 2.3 kg
Brand: Outsunny
Model: UK842-0810331
Colour: Red
Colour: Red

Product Description


Transform your own backyard or take the comfort of home with you on vacation. Whether it's one of our barbecues, hammocks, or patio furniture sets, Outsunny makes your outdoor events unforgettable.

The Outsunny hanging patio heater is a fantastic choice for enhancing your indoor or outdoor area, offering both illumination and warmth in a compact space. With its included chain, this electric patio heater allows you to stay cosy while working in your garage or enjoying a rainy afternoon on the patio. Its efficient design ensures that the heat is distributed exactly where you need it. Notably lightweight, this heater is also easy to carry and move to different locations as desired.

  • The inclusion of an aluminium cover adds stability and safety to the gazebo heater
  • The heater can be easily mounted on the ceiling, hung on an eave, or placed inside a tent
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, featuring a waterproof plug for increased safety
  • Utilizes halogen heating technology to effectively and evenly distribute heat
  • Designed with a standard 230 volts outlet, offering 1500 watts of warmth
  • Ensures safety by emitting no carbon monoxide
  • The hanging patio heater features a convenient pull switch for easy ON/OFF control
  • No assembly is required, making it ready for immediate use
Material Used Aluminium, metal, plastic
Colour Red
Product Dimension Φ40 x 32H cm
Box Dimension 45L x 44W x 35H cm
Gross Weight 3.3kg
Net Weight 2.3kg
Flat Pack NO
Assembly Required NO
Other Key Info Power cord length: 1.3M
Custom label 842-081


Party with Family & Friends

Suitable for gathering with family and friends, this can be a great choice to create more unforgettable memories with them

Innovative Design

We are committed to continuously developing and innovating product functions to enable customers to get better using experiences

Innovative Design

Our product made with premium materials for durability, and ensure each product is intact

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Our products have various appearances and can fully dress up your garden to make it more colorful

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Price £44.19£31.99
Power 1500W 1500W 600W 2100W 2000W 1000W, 2500W
With Remote Control
Size 58.7L x 15.4W x 8.8H cm Φ42 x 26H cm Φ25.5 x 21.2H cm 36L x 36W x 48.5H cm 50Lx16Wx36H cm Ф47.7 x 37.5H (cm)
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Maximum bottle size Φ32 x Φ32 x 60Hcm(13kg) Φ32 x 60Hcm(13kg) Φ32 x 60Hcm(13kg) Φ32 x 60Hcm(13kg) Φ32 x 60Hcm(13kg) Φ32 x 60Hcm(13kg)
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