3Pcs Silicone Grease,Waterproof Lubricant Plumbers

3Pcs Silicone Grease

3Pcs Silicone Grease,Waterproof Lubricant Plumbers Grease,White Lithium Grease,Plumbers Valve Grease,Sanitary Heat and Cold Resistance Machine Lube,Bearing Grease,Silicon Grease for O Faucet Rings

1.This silicon lubricant has wide applicability.
2.The copper grease tube is waterproof.
3.The brake caliper grease is effective in use.
4.This silicone paste is made of safe ingredients.
1.After using this spray grease, please close the cap promptly.
2.Use this silicone oil within its shelf life.

  • 【Resistant to High and Low Temperatures】This silicone grease can maintain its performance at high temperatures,at the same time, this waterproof lubricant plumbers grease will not lose its lubricating effect due to low temperatures. This white lithium grease is smooth,, this plumbers valve grease can lubricate your items. You can try to use this sanitary heat and cold resistance machine lube and you will be amazed at the effect of this bearing grease.
  • 【Effective Obvious】This cycle grease has a good lubrication effect, this brake grease can effectively help parts to reduce friction, so this anti seize grease can reduce parts damage. This wheel bearing grease has good effect of waterproof and dustproof. This car grease will not corrode your tools, you can rest assured to use this lithium grease.
  • 【Safe Ingredients】This grease lubricant is made of natural and safe ingredients, the safe ingredients of this dielectric grease allow you to use this grease tube as you wish. This copper slip grease has no odour and this white grease does not corrode things. You don't need to worry about the rubber grease's adverse effects on the items.
  • 【Multiple Uses】This copper grease can be used to lubricate numerous items and this silicone lubricant will not damage your tools. The wide range of uses of this white lithium grease spray can save you time and money. You can lubricate your parts with this waterproof grease. This graphite grease can help you solve the problem of stuck parts.
  • 【Waterproof】This electrical contact grease is waterproof. You don't need to worry that this high temperature grease will lose its performance due to water when you use graphite lubricant. This grease tub can help your parts to reduce friction, this brake pad grease to avoid your parts damage. The waterproof nature of this tyre mounting paste will make your tools operate more smoothly.
Weight: 40 g
Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.1 x 1.6 cm; 40 g
Part: GZ-001
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Xinyig
Reference: GZ-001
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