EPOMAKER x AULA F75 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard, 75% Wireless

EPOMAKER x AULA F75 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard

EPOMAKER x AULA F75 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard, 75% Wireless Gaming Keyboard with Five-Layer Padding&Knob, Bluetooth/2.4GHz/USB-C Hot Swappable Keyboard, NKRO, RGB (Black, Ice Vein Switch)

Product Name: EPOMAKER x AULA F75
Transmission Modes: Bluetooth, 2.4G Wireless, Wired
Number of Keys: 80 Keys
Key Total Travel Distance: 4.0mm
Rated Voltage: DC 3.7V (Fully Charged 4.2V)
Voltage/Current: DC 5V≌700mA
Battery Capacity: 4000mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Charging Interface: Type-C Port
Hot Swappable: yes, compatible with 3/5 pin switches
Keycaps: Cherry profile double shot PBT keycaps
Structure: Innovative Gasket Structure
Product Weight: Approx. 1023g (Including Cable/Receiver)
Product Dimensions: 322.7 x 143.2 x 43.1 ± 1 mm

What’s in the Package?
-F75 Keyboard x1
-2.4G Dongle x1
-Type-C Cable x1
-2-in-1 Keycap/Switch Puller x1
-User Manual x 1

  • 【Optimized 75% Compact Layout&Innovative Gasket Structure】The F75 redefines space efficiency with its 75% compact layout. This design integrates all the essential keys in a smaller footprint, making it perfect for streamlined desks and mobile setups without sacrificing functionality. Experience the pinnacle of comfort with the gasket structure. This advanced design ensures a flexible yet firm typing experience, reducing fatigue during prolonged use while maintaining a consistent and responsive key feel.
  • 【Acoustic Mastery with Five-Layer Padding】The F75 boasts a five-layer sound and shock-absorbing internal design, including two layers of Poron foam, IXPE switch pad, PET sound enhancement pad and a bottom silicone pad. This sophisticated construction significantly reduces typing noise and resonance, delivering a tranquil and focused typing environment.
  • 【Precision-Engineered 1.2mm PCB&Pre-Lubricated Mechanical Switches】At the heart of the F75 is a meticulously crafted 1.2mm single-key slotted PCB. This precision engineering ensures that each keystroke is registered with accuracy and stability, providing a satisfying and reliable typing experience. The FF75 also features factory-lubricated mechanical switches that offer a seamless and smooth actuation. This pre-lubrication process ensures a fluid, consistent keystroke right from the start.
  • 【Three-Way Connectivity for Every Scenario&4000mAh Battery】Offering Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, and wired USB connectivity, the F75 adapts to your specific needs. Whether it's for a clutter-free wireless setup or a stable wired connection, this keyboard is ready for any situation. Equipped with a large 4000mAh battery, the F75 delivers extended usage times. This generous battery capacity ensures that your keyboard is always ready for long work sessions or intense gaming marathons.
  • 【Multimedia Control Knob&Full-Key Hot-Swap Functionality】Effortlessly fine-tune your media settings using the integrated multimedia control knob, adding a layer of convenience that ensures swift adjustments without disrupting your workflow. Dive into a realm of customization with the full-key hot-swappable sockets of the F75. This feature facilitates seamless switch replacements, accommodating your desired typing feel, whether it's for gaming, typing, or creative endeavors.
  • 【Finely-Calibrated Stabilizers&Cherry Profile Double-shot PBT Keycaps】Discover refined keystrokes with our precision-tuned stabilizers, offering stability and a hushed typing experience. Say goodbye to key wobble as your keystrokes gain enhanced accuracy. The F75 takes durability to the next level with its Cherry-profile double-shot PBT keycaps, ensuring a perfect blend of robustness and stylish design. These keycaps stand resilient against wear, maintaining a sleek appearance that defies the test of time.
  • 【Ultra-Responsive Low-Latency&Vibrant 16.8M RGB Illumination】Engage in the dynamic glow of the F75's RGB backlight, presenting a rich spectrum of 16.8 million colors for a personalized typing environment. Tailor lighting patterns to suit your preferences, creating a desktop atmosphere that adapts to your mood. With its ultra-responsive, low-latency connection, the F75 ensures each keystroke is not only vividly illuminated but also delivered with swift and unwavering precision, whether you're gaming or typing away.
Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: 32.26 x 14.33 x 4.32 cm; 1 kg
Colour: Black
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: EPOMAKER
Colour: Black

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