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Compare these iPhone XS vs. iPhone X photos – CNET

iPhone X regular HDR

This is the same photo taken with the regular HDR mode active on last year’s iPhone X. As you can see, there are a lot more bright highlight areas, like on the lollipop in the ce…

Photos shot on iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS – CNET

Five days with the iPhone XS and XS Max went by quickly. I tried to take a bunch of photos as I went and here are my favorites, with more photo comparisons to come. Because the XS and XS Max have the same cameras, the photos are presented together. Non…

iPhone Xs leaked with first official photo

Apple’s iPhone event will officially take place on September 12 and now it looks like we have our first genuine photo of the new OLED models, as well as the name which Apple have chosen for the devices.

It was speculated that Apple were having an …