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You can now watch The Room for free on YouTube – CNET

Beloved garbage film The Room has long been passed around via well-worn DVDs, word of mouth and interactive screenings at movie theaters. Now, you can finally legitimately watch the film for the first time (or 200th time) on YouTube. Compilations of th…

Apple Watch Series 4: How to enable fall detection – CNET

The latest Apple Watch ($399 at Apple) not only has a bigger display and a slightly tweaked design, but it includes some new features focused solely on keeping you healthy and safe. Take the new fall detection feature as a prime example — it’s all abo…

Apple Watch Series 4: both sizes, compared – CNET

Apple Watch Series 4 compared

Apple Watch S4, 40mm (left), Apple Watch S3, 42mm (center), Apple Watch S4, 44mm (right). Notice how the Liquid Metal watch face looks different.