Ryan Waniata

The best Dolby Atmos movies for your home theater

Every year, the technology for watching movies improves, inching along on its way to total cinematic immersion. So much is made about advances in visual fidelity, however, that the role of sound is sometimes overlooked. Sound design is a crucial aspect…

Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon Prime: Battle of the streaming giants

Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Hulu each offer a massive amount of on-demand content at a relatively low monthly cost. These services are a fantastic way to stream movies and TV shows for the entire family, increasingly becoming part of an …

There are too many streaming options, and it’s only getting worse

Quote CatalogEvery company wants to own a streaming service.
While there’s long been a solid bench of competitors for Netflix (Hulu and Amazon Prime to name a couple), a horde of new players has entered the fight. They include entertainment titans like…

Vizio P-Series (P65-F1) review

Vizio P-Series models

While we reviewed the 65-inch P65-F1 model, our review applies to all Vizio 2018 P-Series TVs
55-inch (P55-F1)
65-inch (P65-F1)
75-inch (P75-F1)

Sitting at the top of Vizio’s budget lineup, the P-series has long been the brand’s…

The best soundbars of 2018

As TVs get thinner and thinner, their speakers seem to just keep getting worse. For all that’s been done to improve TV audio systems and squeeze more sound into smaller spaces, TV sound simply pales in comparison to even the more basic soundbars you…

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