Disney launch Spring Sale packed with toys, clothes and even kitchenware – Leicestershire Live

Disney’s Spring sale has been revealed and it includes 50% off items online.
The offers feature not only some items perfect for little ones, adults can also pick up clothing including the iconic dotted black and white printed shirts sold by the store.

New Disney Lion King Baby Blanket at Primark

This Disney Lion King Baby Blanket is new in at Primark and it’s being welcomed on social media by fans, especially those with little ones. On popular Facebook pages and those focused on babies, it seems everyone wants to get to Primark and see if they…

There are too many streaming options, and it’s only getting worse

Quote CatalogEvery company wants to own a streaming service.
While there’s long been a solid bench of competitors for Netflix (Hulu and Amazon Prime to name a couple), a horde of new players has entered the fight. They include entertainment titans like…

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